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Where to find export plugin for MAYA 2008??

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    Where to find export plugin for MAYA 2008??

    Hey guys, i'm new around here and this is my first time working on a mod in UT2004. So i'm in-experience in UT2004 as far as things go, so please bear with me.

    Anyway, currently, i'm using Maya 2008 for all the modelings, game characters, static meshes and as well animation (walk cycle, attacking etc..). Here is my problem, How do i get all of them into UT2004 engine???

    Right now, i have textured and animated my main character, so how do export from maya 2008?? i have looked everywhere and only managed to find plugins for maya 8 and below...
    Also, how many UT2004 plugins do i need for maya 2008? and where to find them all????

    A big thank you to anyone who can help me out!! thanks!!!!!!!!!

    ask around area 51 - its those folks that will get the plugin to work. The actor X plgins are often 6 months behind the maya releases. They stopped releasing plugins for the PLE versions btw, so I'm trying to lean blender, sigh


      Where is area 51??? i couldn't find any section on this forum called area 51, so can u please link me to it, thanks!!



        Ok, i am worried now, I have bever used (or even heard of) Maya before, that is until I started watching all the VTM's on the UT2004 disc. I rushed to unrealed3 and had a mess around, brilliant and easy(ish). I then tried Maya from the disc to discover it is no longer registerable I looked on web and found 8.5PLE so now have that installed. I am struggling a little to learn both Maya and UTed at the same time and am now worried that if I do succeed at Maya that it might be a waste time. Any ideas what I should do? I know you mention 'area 51' and 'blender' but what are these please?

        Sorry to be such a newbie at this but I guess we all have to start some where.....

        Thank you for any help any1 can offer me. Cheers


          Doesn't anyone around here know the where to find the plugin for maya 2008????? i mean this is the official site of the UT2004 creator right? so please help us out!!!!
          A big THANK YOU and HUGS to anyone who can help us!!!