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Bot defense in flying vehicle

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    Bot defense in flying vehicle

    I've got a VCTF map with a large (custom) flying vehicle in it that I would like the bots to use for defense, to sort of hover in one spot.

    Right now I have all the botpaths working well, they capture the flag fine on the ground, and they will hop into the flying vehicle, take it across the map, and then ditch it in the enemy base to grab the flag.

    I added an unrealscriptedsequence actor in the sky, hoping they'd use it as a defense point and stay put, but they ignore it and fly past on their way to the flag. I don't do much mapping, so I don't know what else to try. Is there a way to get bot defenders to "camp" there in the sky?

    man I have NEVER been able to get scripted bot controls to work, good luck. The only success I had is when I had a script that spawned the bot, then its seemed to hold onto its attention.