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Need Help: Can't get my botskin to animate properly.

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    Need Help: Can't get my botskin to animate properly.

    I've created a character mesh in Maya 8.5, just a relatively simple one for testing purposes.
    I've bound it to a Epic_skeleton provided by the book 'Mastering Unreal Technology'. All the bone names are the same as those used by UT2004.
    It deforms fine and looks nice. I triangulate the mesh like expected and I use ActorX to export the .PSK file.

    I import the mesh in the UT2004 Editor, I copy/paste the mesh properties from ThunderCrash JakobM. I also copy his DefaultAnimation info.


    The animations pop up on the left. But seemingly only the pelvis bone (top parent) is affected by the animations. The overal figure tilt & roll like expected but the limbs are totally stiff and don't do the proper animations.

    Anyone know what could be wrong?

    Well I finally found the source of my animation problems.
    I was sure I had the naming conventions of the bones correct but that was not so. I hadn't checked the option in ActorX to convert _ to spaces (Maya doesn't allow spaces so you will have to convert the _ when exporting). Checking that option did the trick though, my character now takes use of the standard bot animations.