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Hazardous gas emitter

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    Hazardous gas emitter

    Hey guys

    I am making a map, and I encountered a problem (well, two problems).
    I want to make a vent in the wall that emits hazardous gas. I want it to stop for a few seconds, and then emit some gas again, and so forth.
    Q1: How can I make an emitter do damage to players?
    Q2: How can I make an emitter stop emitting for a while, and then continue again, stop for a while.... and so on?

    Thanks in advance.

    Well check out the work map I just posted, It runs through a scripted trigger calling emitters, you could just keep it looping if you want, Also, have a triggered volume with a tag matching the emitter that turns on and causes damage. You can also have emitters loop on and off themselves but would still need to trigger a damage volume (or an invisible mover that bumps into the player)


      Thanks, I'll look into it this weekend.


        Joe Brown made a really, really neat map back in UT2003 days called CTF-RiverDivided_v3. It included so many very cool complex trigger systems (even a whole master control room with real time video screens and controls for traps!), it became one of my favorite maps to play and reverse engineer for my own mad trigger systems.

        In there, he put a route to the flag that could be remotely sectioned off and filled with poisonous gas. It just used trigger systems and physicvolumes, but to work properly with simple buttons at the control room, it needed to be somewhat complex in construction.

        You may still find CTF-RiverDivided_v3 on NaliCity, but warning: it definately is only for UT2003, it won't run in UT2004, unfortunately.

        See also Trigger Systems on the wiki for more on setting up complex trigger systems and traps like this.