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scripted triggers/ emitters

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    scripted triggers/ emitters

    I made a work/ tut map and a text file describing some recent things I've been able to get working using scripted triggers to control emitters.

    Note - I finally figured out how to make the condition statements work!!!!
    <a href=";9832918;/fileinfo.html" title=""><img style="border:none;" src="" alt=""/></a>

    hmm the link isn't working right - try again:

    Ah yes, condition statements are quite tricky to figure out at first but you can do many fun things with them. I've made an RPG based game mode out of conditions and random triggers before where you could get objectives from talking to 'town folk' and after completing them they'd give something, in my case they would activate a teleporter for you. You can also spawn actors from scripted triggers such as enemies or weapons. Another fun thing to use with scripted triggers are volume triggers and water triggers. The water triggers and random triggers don't come with UT2004, however, you can find them on UnrealWiki.


      Great, someone who knows this stuff! RPG UT sounds like fun, did you make kismet videos of the laking? So what do water triggers and random triggers do?

      I couldn't figure out how to reuse counters - are they really a one shot deal or is there another way to reset a counter?


        (You can make your own counter in a ScriptedTrigger's AIScript and have it loop to reset)

        For more info on ScriptedActions, ScriptedTriggers and how they fit in a trigger system:

        Trigger Systems