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    hi, i'm sure this is a stupid question but i can't seem to find any answers. yes, i am nub with mapping..

    here's the deal - trying to make some ramps that require dodging up - but when i make them i keep getting stuck going up and coming back down. wallbug, rampbug, whatever you wanna call it - it won't let me move smoothly over the surface. i've looked in other maps that have dodgeramps (like rankin) and moving over those ramps is smooth - what am i doing wrong? i first attempted to make a brush and deintersect it against a larger cube. then i made a cube brush and vertex edited it to what i wanted. both methods have the same results.

    any help is much appreciated.

    minimap of the actual ramp i'm working with :

    Attempting To Help

    The Wall Bug/Wall Clip Happens Sometimes In BSP

    You Will Have To Make A Static Mesh Instead For The Ramp Then

    .In Rankin You'll Notice The Ramps
    Are Static Meshes Rather Than BSP Probibly For This Reasion


      ahh, but i tried making a mesh too (( i actually tried making a couple different one's and they always have at least one or two spots that you get stuck on - in-game CHAZBO_1 told me it was something with the initial brush before making BSP (and converting it to static mesh, i guess) but he wasn't sure what so i'm still stuck :'(

      tyvm for the reply - maybe i should try making the mesh outside of unrealed? i don't have any experience or programs but i think its almost time i expanded anyway.. just was hoping i could get this all done in unrealed..


        wait, you said 'clip' - and i've seen 'no clipping' /somewhere/..... is this a setting i can switch on the brush maybe??


          hey psy, this problem occures in a lot of games on steep surfaces - with BSP the game engine tries to put your feet right inside the wall and static meshes with too many corners will snag you like velcro on a wool sweater.

          IMHO the best answer is to make all steep surfaces static meshes and then make a simple collision model or even a blocking volume over the entire face.

          But for a simple experiment, take whatever map you are having troubles in and make a blocking volume and align it over whatever spot you catch on to see if it helps. Tricks are to never overlap blocking voulmes and tuck the corners of the lower volume under the overhang of the top volume (so you don't have exposed corners to snag on). Also remember do not rotate a previously rotated brush, i.e. rotate it to the slope you want and add the volume, next volume build the brush again and then rotate it to the new position rather than taking the old brush and rotating that some more - this simple habit will save you hours and hours of headaches!


            Question : When you say put a blocking volume over it, do you mean like take collision off of the mesh and then put the blocking bolume where you /would/ be walking if the mesh had collision turned on (and wasn't bugging)?

            I was looking in breathofachallenge as example as it has lots of ramps all throughout at all different angles - I even moved them around in many different areas to see if there was maybe something else underneath causing the desired results. One thing I noticed is that there is a physics volume completely encapsulating some of the ramps with what looks to be completely stock standard settings. Yet other ramps have no such volume. And all of the ramps in that map are BSP (I think, i might have missed a few that were meshes). I have actually been very tempted to just copy the ramps directly out and past them in my map with different graphics but, umm, lame? lol

            tyvm for the response I will let you know if that does the truck.

            Oddly enough, the blocking volume trick occured to me this AM I just haven't had a chance to try it.

            Oh, one more quation : would it be unwise to create a brush out of the mesh and then use that brush to paint the blocking volume or could i make a brush that is the exact same size, manually again, and then use that to paint the blocking volume or should i try to stick with standard shapes and not get too crazy and just line them up with the surface of the mesh?


              well, the blocking volume was giving me the same results too. but i took the idea behind 'don't reuse brushes after rotations' and kept messing with creating a static mesh and eventually i got one that doesn't have /too/ many bugs.. but you still get hung up on the ramp in at least two spots. i just don't understand how other's have made the same thing in their maps without snags - did they go through this much frustration too?

              thank you for the responses - i think i got the idea now : keep remaking it a gajillion different ways till it works in an acceptable manner


                Originally posted by psy°mnïus View Post
                i think i got the idea now : keep remaking it a gajillion different ways till it works in an acceptable manner
                LOL yeh I know, seems that mapping would be easy, if it just worked like its supposed to I'm reinventing emitters right now myself....

                I've never worked on what you're trying so really its up to you to teach us what you find! My only other reccs are to 1) make the blocking volumes or colliion meshes as simple as possible to minimize hangups. 2) play with the friction properties 3) when you have something that just won't work ->>> just do something else instead! How about sticking in a massive jumppad at the spots you stick?

                I'll bet that there is a certain angle / rotation that causes most of the problems --> most likely an angle that is right at the verge of slipping / sticking behavior -> I'd try to find some gobbly **** on that in UDN. Let us know what you find.


                  emitters... ya know, what i don't get about those is sometimes they show up for me and sometimes they don't. same map, same server, same install the only thing thats changed is the time i'm playing - sometimes i can jump into a map see them jump out and back in again and they are gone. wtf is that?? >.< lol thanks for the feedback, Bison; much appreciated bro

                  if you want to see what i have been working on, swing by one of my servs : athena (pub) or emory (priv/testing) : / - maps with '-psy-' in the name are one's i've made (none are complete yet but i might post them here soon for beta testing..)