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texture help please

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  • texture help please

    I have tried to find, without sucess, an animated image of the Matrix code. I have found a tutorial on making the matrix code (unanimated) here:


    Being that i'm not a photoshop expert... or even "that" familiar with it... a friend of mine is doing it for me.

    Does any one know or have an animated picture i can use for this? I want it to look just like the falling code in the movies

    on a related note. Once i have this animated picture... what format does it need to be in to import it into unrealed? I've imported my own bmp files before. but i've never imported anything else, let alone an animated picture. Does anyone have any usefull tips or hints for me?

    Thanks in advance for all the help

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    You can do that. But it would be HUGE size wise.

    Why: Unreal treats every frame as a single texture.

    EDIT: wait I just rememberd the 'there is no spoon' thingy from Deux Ex 1 how did they do that?


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      ok. But what format would that be in?
      or rather... how would it be done?


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        Originally posted by drwhojm
        ok. But what format would that be in?
        or rather... how would it be done?
        I wanted to do one myself at some point.
        I would use a material sequence with 2 or 3 different matrix letterings and would use a TexPanner on the material sequence.

        Then I would use the the material sequence in the diffuse field of a shader. And add another matrix panning texture in the specularity field for good measure.


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          hmmm.... i've seen several shaders and final blends (like in a cloud or lava texture) that's animated. i'd love to put the actual animated code into the map. i've even seen people put a texture in that was a short animated clip... i'd like to to look as realistic as possible... actually flowing ... not 2 or 3 pictures moving.. i'd like the character to glow as it appeared.... and flow correctly. This might not be possible... but i really want to make this happen. I'll keep researching