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Maya -> UT2003 Animation Glitch

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    Maya -> UT2003 Animation Glitch

    I'm having a heap of trouble getting my weapon model animation working.

    Here's the setup...

    Maya 4.0
    ActorX 2.39

    I created an Arms character and a Weapon Character each with their own poses.

    (This was so I can reuse the arms model with different weapons..etc)

    I parented the weapon character root bone to the right hand of the Arm character.

    I can now apply the poses fore each character, arms and weapon and even blend between them in the Trax editor. The animations look great in Maya.

    When I export to PSK and PSA files, all seems well and good.

    Then in UT2003 once imported, the arms look great, but the weapon is doing odd things. The problem I'm having is with the bones that I used translation on, for example shell ejection? It seems that the transforms from the parent bones did not fully apply? Does anyone have any ideas?

    Ok, I've done some more research and I've found that ActorX and Maya have some really weird relationships between bind poses and keyable attributes.

    I haven't found a solution yet, but I'm still working on it. If anyone knows anything, let me know.