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Emitter HELP: Quantum Pairing??

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    Emitter HELP: Quantum Pairing??

    ANY emitter editors out there???? As usual, its not learning how to use the editor, its the editor doing things in an undocumented way that is making my life tough:

    If you make an emitter family in the particle system tool and duplicate it - the 2 duplicates are tightly linked - you can't rename one without renaming the other, you can't edit eather one successfully in a predictable fashion as they both take some of the edits and ignore others! If you try to edit them the old fashioned way in the emitter properties the changes may or may not work and then often revert on a build! I think that they are Quantum Pairs!

    Right now movement can only edit in the X-axis and Z axis - Y won't even highlight in the particle system - that's OK I suppose because any change you make is ignored! AARRGGHH - do I just need to remake each Particle system from scratch again for any changes?? I must admit, the particle system makes it pretty easy

    OK well I've been fiddling with this for a month and emitters created by hand duplicate find and auto-increment their emitter number (but NOT tag or event). Emitters created by the particle system can NOT be duplicated.