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spawn from other emitter??

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    OK well I finally got it to work using the Particle system! Must have messed up the axis system, sigh - NOW I can't get the darned thimngs to duplicate!??? Arrgghh!

    [Good news BTW -> I never realized it but if you spawn static meshes they DO light properly. So if you want some fun - take a Bulldog emitter and set size of the rocks way up then decrease dampening and have them spawn more dust and little rocks (and sparks too!) on each collision - lots of fun!]

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  • started a topic spawn from other emitter??

    spawn from other emitter??

    This is driving me crazy, does anyone know of an emitter I can look at that uses a particle system with an emitter spawned from another emitter? i used to be able to get this to work but the spawned emitter seems random and UDN is no real help (cleear as mud with a lot of hand waving).