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Team Spawn in TAM v3

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    Team Spawn in TAM v3

    Is there a volume property that I can set so that players do not spawn in a certain area while playing Team Arena Master v3?

    I have a corridor that used to be open that is now closed. I removed the playerstart and pickups from that area. After getting the map up on our TAM server, bots were still spawning in that corridor which totally sucked b-cuz they were trapped in there. So I was thinkin hmm.. what is determining where ppl spawn in this gametype? I thought it was going off of player starts but apparently not in TAM v3, since there are no playerstarts in that corrider.

    Anyways, that area is designated with a volume location description and I'm wondering if I can set a property in that volume to tell the server, hey - dont spawn ppl here!

    For the time being I created a teleporter with forced paths to it (Teleporter0) as a temporary fix. Then at the nodes near the ends of the corridor I proscribed them away from the adjacent nodes located in the area outside the corrider so that bots will be forced to enter the teleporter.

    I have checked Unreal Wiki but can't find anything listed for what I need.

    word on the street is that any nav points are whats causing this..

    i'm deleting all nav points in that area - hope this helped someone else 2 =P