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    can any1 help me? i want to create skins but dont no how. if there is a dl i need plz let me no, and if some1 could mabey post of email me a tutorial of skin making. i have tried other post which have these tutrials but they arent working anymore or i just carnt get 'em. so plz any1 i would appresiate it.
    (btw im a school kid, yr8, so my spelling is not the best sorry)

    There are basically two ways:
    Either you export the UV-Layout from your 3d-moddeling application to a texture and use it in a program like Photoshop or PaintShopPro to create the skin (this is the professional way).
    Or you can use UPaint to paint directly onto the mesh. UPaint can be found on the UT2004-DVD. There are also many UT2004-characters in the needed file-format, so you can start creating skins for them.

    If you created the skin-texture, you still need to import it into UnrealEd and apply it to your character.

    If you want tutorials: look in the unrealwiki or (they have great video training modules).