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WIP: first *real* model + need hints plz

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    WIP: first *real* model + need hints plz

    ok, this is my first model (the first one i did was following a step by step tutorial so it wasnt mine)

    what do you think? shall i continue or stop?

    and what can you advice me to make it look better please? which kind of smoothing and such double bareled.jpg off.jpg

    Well jack9911, I just wish my first model had come out as well as yours


      Originally posted by stevenho
      Well jack9911, I just wish my first model had come out as well as yours

      yeah me too. my first model was so bad I can't even recall it due to blocking the memory

      This model you have done is quite nice jack, a wireframe pic and poly count would be nice though to see if it's optimal.

      Btw, did you make the textures as well ?



        the textures arent mine since i was in a hurry to texture it

        1887 polys

        i dont know if thats mutch


          1800+ is quite high. You could free up some of those faces, by removing the hollow center of the barrels, and making it texture based instead. Also your finger guard around the trigger doesn't need to be so round, you could free up some faces there as well. Its nice for you to have two individual triggers to remain realistic, but that kind of detail is so small, that it would be hard to notice in a game, and would be better off leaving only a single trigger to free up yet more faces.

          Other than that, remember you should create three models for weapons if you plan to use them in a FPS game like UT2K3. One low-poly for weapon pickup, one for the 3rd person view the character model holds, and then a 3rd high poly one for the first person view the holder of the weapon sees. Try not to go too much above 1000 tri’s for any, although some instances it’s ok to go as high as 1500+.

          Good work on your first model though. If you keep it up, you'll learn many techniques to improve your modeling skill, and when you look back at this one, you'll laugh at how much you could have done different.


            model i made from this morning till now
            seems their are too much polys? :cry:



              Don't be discouraged! You have to keep it up to learn new ways to create the shapes without adding lots of extra faces. One thing you're doing right now, is using complicated geomotry to give your objects detail like those rivits. Those can be faked rather nicely with textures. With video games, its highly important to work as low poly as you can, while still giving as realistic mirage as you can achieve. This is why its a careful blend of texturing and modeling to create the look you're going for.

              Just don't give up, keep trying.


                using texture to fake the details would be ugly, no?

                ow and about the hands? can i download hands somewhere? i dont wanna model them


                  Not really, just take a look at how the guys doing the Zombie Hunter mod, have done some of their textures. This AK is probably around 1200-1800 polies, but all the rivets on the gun and the edges on the clip are done with the illusion of the texture. With good textures you don't need to make every bit of detail out of geometry.

                  As far as a pair of hands, I have a set I created awhile ago. They are 688 tri, but that shouldn't be too unrealistic for the first person perspective.

                  You can download them in .ASE format from here if you like.


                    thanks for the hands
                    and for the textures... i dont master photoshop well enough for that

                    in what format are the hands? i cant import them in 3dsmax5


                      I'll be a monkies uncle! I use Max5 as well, but you're right, it appears it can't import ASCII format.

                      Oh well, I reploaded it in .3DS format.


                        thank you!

                        edit: **** its hard to adapt them on the gun

                        any hints or advice on how to please?


                          Perhaps add cuts/extrudes to make them fit your guns better?


                            ill try, thanks


                              i made a couple of new models since those
                              here is the last one with texture (i made it too!)

                              something around the 500 polies even less