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Muzzleflash Bone?

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    Muzzleflash Bone?

    Hi, how do I set up the bones on a weapon to allow a muzzleflash? I have a gun that will be used in third person only and I have yet to learn animation, I did however put 2 bones as I was told that's how you make the muzzleflash appear on a weapon. I named them "bone_weapon" and "tip" as I was told to do so, but don't I have to link the bones to the gun somehow or do anything besides just add them and name them?

    I honestly know nothing about bones and that kind of animation as of yet, since I am more of a mapper/SM maker. Is there a tutorial on how to properly set up the bones for export from MAX to ued ?

    If the weapon is for 3rd person then you really don't need to animate it.......not required.

    Just be sure that you link up 2 bones to the weapon........preferably use physic modifier to attach bones to weapon.

    Bone_Flash or alternatively Bone_Tip

    also, it needs to be upside down facing oppsoite of of X coordinate......

    You then use actorX to export it......

    Checkout these threads for more info.....


      thanks gusher. I havent been here in a looooong time, but I have seen what you have been up to and am happy to see you.

      That thread dident help much since my mod is esclusevly in 3rd person and I wont need to animate the wep. So I'm gonna figure out how to link the bones to the model by reading one of the max bundeled tutes on bones. Any more help would speed up the process though, I wanna make the last msu if possible


        Download this quick video guide I made.....nothing fancy. Just shows you your way around using ActorX......


          your the man gusher, thanks a lot. I'm sure the community can benifit from this as much as it will benefit me...... now to play it again in slomo