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    I have a MeshEmitter with Time on 18 and fadeoutstart at 12 secs Fadeout is true.
    Somehow my staticmeshes won't fade out though. They just 'pop'.

    Also, does anyone know how to change the texture on the mesh the emitter has? Or should I just copy the static mesh, change its texture and use that one?

    i dunno about the fading out, seems to me like it should work since ive gotten meshes to fade before - wierd.

    as for the textures-what have u set "useblendmode" to in its properties?
    if this is true, it will render it as normal - eg, as it is - translucent,etc.

    If false,you should be able to use drawstyle in the texture setting to asign a texture.

    If u set blend,mode to false, try setting rendertwosided to true, cos this ill brighten it if its too dark.

    hope this helps.


      I have been experimenting with this for my map and I was wondering, have you get the fade out time set to a higher value than the lifetime of the emitter. If so then it will disapper, or "pop" before it has had chance to fade.


        if 12 is more then 18 I have set the fadeout time too high

        So, that's not it either.

        I'll try setting the blendmode to false.


          "mesh blend mode" and "use particle color" settings are what you really need

          if you use the color scale and set it to black, white, white, black... then you can tailor the fade in and fade out

          on certian occasions i've had to use the color scale ALPHA to make things fade in and out. i forget the specific situations though.