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Static mesh polycount too high

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    Static mesh polycount too high

    I have a mesh that is made up of different objects in 3ds MAX.

    This mesh is way too detailed, and I cannot figure out for the life of me how to make the polycount go down... I highlight all the objects and cannot find any feature to allow this.

    301448 is the polycount and I know I need to make it lots super lots.

    I am trying to make this acceptable for Ued as a static mesh.

    Anyone know how to make it less detailed or lower the count?


    Holy freaking static mesh!

    You can try the Optimize modifier, and I usually do lots of manual Vertex Welding to get poly counts down.



      OK, Ill give it shot and post here if it works or not

      Thanks Angel_Mapper

      BTW ppl love to play phaseshift on my server

      I think I told you that before but I am so forgetful.



        whats the mesh ? Got a piccy ?



          Well, I optimized it, went from 301448 to approx 269XXX so I guess that's good Angel_Mapper

          when I export it as an ASE file for static mesh use in UED the file is 100 megs!

          Holy Spandex Batman!

          The model is of the Stargate from SG-1, I didn't make it, but the author gave me written permission to use it for my mutator. I am much better at coding than making models... If I made it it would probably just look like a big metal doughnut.

          The 3dsmax file alone is 16 megs, so it's a big boy... I'm still searching though for answers in MAX help.

          I think it's just too hefty of a model for me to use


            Ummmmmmm I was thinking more like 2000 would be better, DEFINITELY not in the hundreds of thousands! Frickin' send it to me, I'll optimize and skin it for ya tonight, I'm not doing much.


              I cant recomend useing the optimize modifier,it kinda really sux,I'd recommend the plug-in "PolyChop" if yer feelin lazy. But like Angel stated,nuthin beats manual vert snapin for a good lookin LOD.


                oh yea...heres a polychop link if anyone cares....



                  Angel_Mapper I am sending you the gate via email. Thanks for taking a look at it.... it is very detailed so thats why it's so heavy.

                  Nice TUT synnergy, I can use this info



                    Originally posted by synnergy
                    oh yea...heres a polychop link if anyone cares....

                    It seems the polychop doesn't work for max 5 or 5.1 I installed the three files to the plugins dir... start up max and go to use it, but when I select it I get a crash/incompatible type message telling me to save my work and exit

                    Is there a newer version or a similar pluging for the new max versions?



                      Max has another tool for cutting the poly count.
                      Its the multi res modifier.
                      it can be a time saver


                        Re: Static mesh polycount too high

                        Originally posted by cvroy
                        301448 is the polycount and I know I need to make it lots super lots.
                        300000 polys! :bulb: What did you make, a static mesh of Dracula's Castle?


                          Nevermind, it would be faster to recreate this mesh from scratch. It's the Stargate, ├╝ber-detailed and with every symbol actually modelled instead of just put into the texture. I recommend just using Egypt_techmeshes_Epic.not-a-stargate instead.

                          Most meshes downloaded as 3D Max scenes were intended for renders, most of them are way too high poly for this version of the engine.


                            can Max do wraps (aka shrink-wraps and wrap deformers)?

                            maybe the hi-poly could be used as the wrap base for a much-lower-poly version, with texture details as Angel_Mapper suggested. might save some re-construction time.


                              I use 3dsMax myself and use Polygon Cruncher plugin for it.......simply it crunches down the excess polys models have.......