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    I made some models in maya PLE, and exported them for some reason when i looked for them in unrealED i couldnt find them. Also when i said when i exported them maya reported in the lower right hand corner was in "gray" 1 file extracted these probly arnt the same words, but thats as close as i can remember. Thank you for any help you give me.

    I'm assuming you exported them using the ActorX plug-in for Maya? If not that's what you should be using. You can download it from UDN website.

    If you did use ActorX then you either chose to export it as a StaticMesh or a Model.

    Typing axmesh in the script pane will bring up the StaticMesh Exporter. If all goes well, you will choose where you want the file stored and you will get a message stating that your file was exported.

    Typing axmain in the script pane will bring up the Model exporter which is more complex but it will allow you to export Models that can be used with skeletal animations.

    Either method will provide you with either a *.ase file (Static Mesh) or a *.psk file (Model).

    That is only the first step.

    Now open UnrealEd,
    open the static mesh browser,
    click file->import
    and then find your file and import.

    (For Models Use The Animations Browser and follow the same steps.)


      NZ-Roadkill, Maya PLE does not/cannot use ActorX. Maya 4.0.1 & 4.5 PLE use the unEditor.mll plug-in written specially for PLE.

      POw-MIA: there seems to be 2 versions of the unEditor.mll plug-in. that dated 10/28/02 seems to have a problem using the Scale attribute of the exported set. so your static mesh or model may just be very tiny.

      try scaling the model up substantially in Maya PLE, freezing transformations, and re-exporting.

      the message was prob'ly something like Result: [1] static meshes(s) exported."-- right?? this indicates a successful export, but if the model was really tiny you might have trouble finding it in the Static Mesh browser.


        "[1] static meshes(s) exported" thats right only thing is i couldnt find the utx package.


          utx?? -- that's for textures. do you mean .usx?

          the package isn't on your HD until you save it from UEd (opened when the plug-in loads).

          look in the UEd Static Mesh browser drop-down list for the package you named in the extra attribute "Package" of your export set in PLE. your static mesh should be in that package, in the Group also named in the export set extra attributes.


          in PLE:
          export set name is MyMeshExport
          extra attributes in MyMeshExport:
          Package = MyMeshPkg
          Group = MyMeshes
          Scale = 5 (may not work properly, though)

          in UEd:
          after export, check the SM browser drop-down list for
          look in the group MyMeshes
          should find a static mesh named MyMeshExport

          before quitting UEd or PLE, save the package to HD (as MyMeshPkg.usx, or whatever), or you'll have to do it all over again.



            lol thnx, yea i wasnt think, werid how i couldnt get this but i got it to work with g-max lol.


              Originally posted by POw-MIA
              but i got it to work with g-max lol.
              got what to work with gmax? there's no gamepack for UT2003 afaik.


                yea i imported mesh with g-max u probly think i am crazy lol there are tut for it.



                  nope, not crazy at all, i've gone the gmax->.md3->MS3D->.3ds->UEd route myself . good for vertex animations. i was hopin' you knew about an easier approach, tho.




                      How did you set your grid? plus if you imported the mesh with out setting the grid to Multiples of 16 (64x8x8)and scale it in the attribute editor as well. You mesh will be vary small in the ued, to see it you would have to scroll in real tightly the browser to view it.