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Making .utx files for UT without Ed

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  • Making .utx files for UT without Ed

    I want to make skins for UT99, but UnrealEd doesn't meet my system's requirements (hopefully the UT3 version will). To my knowledge, I just need the four 256x image files in 8-bit colour, convert the images (.pcx or .bmp) to .utx, and write an .int file. I got all this groovie info from a BU post.

    Unfortunately, I don't have UnrealEd. Is there another way to make the .utx files? A plugin for the GIMP, maybe? I've searched this forum and BU's (and of course Google), but can't find out how to make a skin without UEd -_-

    Edit: K, I found a site that talks about using ./ucc make, which is groovie, no complicated shell scripts to write for an obscure third-party program. And I even got it to work... once. Then I accidentally saved over my .uc file -_- I put it back how i thought it was, ran ./ucc make again, and now i get the error "Superclass Object of class uXskins not found".

    I have unrealtournament\uXskins\Classes\uXskins.uc, which looks like this:

    class uXskins expands Object abstract;
    #exec TEXTURE IMPORT FILE=test1.pcx NAME=test1 GROUP=Skins MIPS=Off
    #exec TEXTURE IMPORT FILE=test2.pcx NAME=test2 GROUP=Skins MIPS=Off
    #exec TEXTURE IMPORT FILE=test3.pcx NAME=test3 GROUP=Skins MIPS=Off
    #exec TEXTURE IMPORT FILE=test4.pcx NAME=test4 GROUP=Skins MIPS=Off
    And the test*.pcx files are all in uXskins\. And yeah, I added "EditPackages=uXskins" to ut.ini under [Editor.EditorEngine]. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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    i use adobe photoshop cs and imageready cs to create an utx file and then import my personal texture in the ut2004 editor!!!!