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Strange unresolved reference...

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    Strange unresolved reference...

    Developing a new map, progressing nicely, but being new to the process there are lots of questions. This forum is a godsend...

    Anyway, two questions, totally unrelated.

    First question: At game startup, I get the following messages:

    Progress: Exporting ONS-Adara-USO-2T...
    Warning: Failed to load 'SMCWeapons': Can't find file for package 'SMCWeapons'
    Warning: Failed to load 'ONS-Adara-USO-2T': Can't find file for package 'SMCWeapons'
    Warning: Failed to load 'LevelSummary ONS-Adara-USO-2T.LevelSummary': Can't find file for package 'SMCWeapons'
    Warning: Error loading ONS-Adara-USO-2T !

    What's strange is that ONS-Adara-USO-2T does exist, but it's a map file (.ut2) not a texture or static mesh file (.usx or .utx). Also, I'm not aware of referencing anything from any file that has the name 'Adara' in it, and my map appears to run just fine, I can't find any missing inventory as a result of the unresolved references. My map isn't even an ONS map! Can anyone show me how to track this down?

    Second question: I have a water volume, and currently distance fog is switched on. But when swimming underwater, I notice that fog is applied to everything above the surface in the main world space of the actual map, but not to any part of the skybox which might be showing. Very strange looking, to see blue-fogged mountains (terrain, static mesh) on one side and crystal clear mountains on the other side (skybox stuff). Is there any way to fix this (other than of course just turning off distance fog in the water volume)?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    The first problem is related to the map listed, not your map. It's not finding a ucl file for that map, trying to export one, and failing.



      Thanks Angel_Mpper. I ran ucc exportcache on the map file to manually create the missing .ucl file, but no packages were found so I assume this is a problem in the ONS-Adara-USO-2T map, but I'm not going to track it down. I'm still a bit confused why the engine is even bothering with this file, as there are no known references in my map to any of this stuff. But it doesn't seem to be too important, at least not at the moment.


        It has nothing to do with your map, it's just what the game's programmed to do.