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Aligning brushes on angles

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    Aligning brushes on angles

    Sorry i didnt know what to name the subject :P lol
    I've got a problem and i've been thru the wiki and searched the forum as usual...
    I've created a 6 sided room and i want to add a normal 4 sided elevator shaft on one of the angled sides and i cannot get the two rooms to align perfectly without having to align the vertices of the elevator shaft without grid snapping which is something i hate doing because it create the HOM error. heres a pic of what i mean...

    i've tried rotating it on 1/4/8/16 gride sizes but it dosent wanna line up, same goes for custom made brushes using the 2D shape editor and SM's...anyone help? cheers!

    Turn Toggle Drag Grid off to align those (by clicking on it and turning it white). It looks like a mini-grid at the bottom of the editor, just to the left of the Drag Grid Size number (default is 4, I think).

    Just make certain to turn on back on (back to blue) before placing anything else, otherwise you can get all kinds of things off grid, and then it gets very tedious to fix. (And it *may* crash the editor, too. I know mine has crashed many times when I try placing addition/subtraction at weird-ish angles.)


      The best way to do things like that are to not make them on an exact angle, but go by the grid instead ("rise over run" if you remember your geometry ). Using a 2-3 or a 1-4 will give a good angle.


        It doesn't have to be aligned.

        Turn the grid size to one and move the edge of the brush as close as possible.

        Another thing you could do is turn the angled brush until its flush with the grid, then align the other brush, then select both and turn the brush back to its original orientation.