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    Need help bad

    So I've been working on my first map off and on for two years and would like to release a beta. BUT, I must have done something wrong in the beginning with not importing things into mylevel because now I am forced to include seperate files with it as well.

    The biggest problem I have right now is a fire and smoke texture which I do use within the map are not showing up in my texture browser in the "in use" tab. Very strange.

    My second problem is I have textures show up in my "in use" tab which I am not using, such as the minigun turret. Any ideas on how to "flush" the textures?

    If anyone is willing to download my map and the xtra files and give me suggestions on how I could pack this all up into mylevel package I would really appreciate it.

    I'm really proud of my map but I want to make it a simple one file (ut2) release if possible.


    Here is the map,
    Here are the extra files that are necessary right now.

    Hey Prograham that's a fun map! Very well done, nice effects too 'cept the darned bots keep getting the better of me, LOL.

    so select a texture in the editor and rename it (under edit) to myLevel. then, also under edit, replace textures ->select the old and then select the new and hit replace! SOme of those texture packages are old too so if they are part of the original UT install (and not from a bonus pack) then you can safely leave those in your map as is (I keep a bare install version of UT2k4 just to check on this from time to time).

    The static meshes are a bit more problematic. You can find the textures for the static mesh under materials in the static mesh toolbox. as far as I know the only way to get a static mesh into myLevel is to select it, convert it to a brush, delete the static mesh, select the renamed texture and add it back into the map space. Then fiddle around with the textures - you may need to resize or rotate using a texrotator for example and repaint/ texture the remade static mesh then put a builder cube around it, deintersect and convert to static mesh. WARNING - you may have to try this many times until it works properly for concave static meshes as the editor often doesn't save them properly.

    If anyone knows of an easier way to save static meshes into myLevel, please let me know.

    Hope that this helps


      Hey Bison, thanks for downloading!! I'm glad you like it. I'm going to go through and do the textures the way you said. I've never done the texture replace tool so I'll let you know how it goes.

      As for the meshes, what I am doing is just looking at them in the staticmesh browser, edit-->rename and then specify the mylevel package. Once I place them in my map from the mylevel package they "stay". Then I just quit unrealed and don't save changes to packages modified and it's all good.

      Maybe this is easier than what you were doing with converting them to brushes? Don't know if this helps you but I hope so - thanks for helping me.

      UPDATE: Wow, that wasn't painful at all. The texture replace tool is sweet! I thought that it would replace my terrain textures but that I would have to "fix" them, basically repaint my whole map - but it simply just replaced the source and did all the painting I had already done: there was no visual difference in the end after my replacing!! Kudos to whatever programmer made that.

      And all my staticmeshes are now replaced. Everything is in "mylevel". Be on the lookout for the Beta soon, I just have to finish lighting it and then I'll be done (until further feedback from players).


        Hey man, just played your map! Fun, even tho in the beginning I was gettin ripped pretty bad by the bots (on inhuman) but once I got the feel of it I worked em good! Lots of different themed areas, feels like ur discovering a new "place".

        I have the same problem with my map as far as gettin all the stuff into the "my level thing" - good reading this thread, although Titan has way too much stuff for me to go and replace everything, I think I'll just keep the DL pack I have, ty

        looks good