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Problems with model's karma.

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    Problems with model's karma.

    Ok, I imported the model, added the sockets (I added an aditional socket to the lefthand, because i need to have an object in that hand). The thing iis that i can see the weapon on the third view, and i can see the model run, jump, etc, but when it dies, it doesn't die with karma... it dies with an animation.

    What can i do?

    Um, add karma to the model?

    UDN article on setting up Karma:

    The Karma authoring tool is on the 3rd disk of the game.

    Alternatively, if you've rigged your model to an existing UT2K3 skeleton, you can use the karma models that come with the game, just add this to the end of your upl:


    You can find the karma files in the Karma folder, named Male2, Female2, Bot, etc..