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3Dmax 5 and weapon bones

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    3Dmax 5 and weapon bones

    Can anyone please tell me the exact process for doing the bones correctly in 3ds max 5 for weapons.

    right now I create one bone called "Bone_Weapon", and a second off of this one called "Bone_Flash"

    I then export the model as a PSK with Actor X.

    In Ued under the animations tab I import it, I can see the bones but when I add Bone_Flash to the sockets section on the right under MESH->ATTACH->SOCKET it vanishes:cry:

    I put "tip" in AttachAlias field, and "Bone_Flash" in the BoneName field... save the file...exit Ued.

    When I start Ued back up and open the new .ukx I made, the info under the sockets section is gone.

    Anyone have the key to this?


    Just name the bone tip instead of Bone_Flash. I never bother with the alias stuff - it's not really needed.



      DarkSaber, that worked fine

      I did find another solution too from Mastering Unreal for those interested in Ued stuff