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Skeletal Animations from Blender 2 UT2004

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    Skeletal Animations from Blender 2 UT2004

    I wrote a little tutorial how to use the scripts for skeletal Animations Export from Blender2UED.
    You can find it here:

    It is in German, if there is interest, I can translate it to English,too.

    Yeah, that would be nice if you could translate it to English. My German's pretty weak, and anything more complicated than "Wie geht es Ihnen?" is quite problematic to understand, even if i use the dictionary...


      Here it is:

      Export of Skeletal Animations for UT2004 with Blender

      You need these scripts:
      There is also a script included for .ase export,, which support multiple materilas on a mesh.
      Put the scripts into the scripts folder of Blender.
      After starting Blender, you can find them under: File>Export>Blender2PSK or Blender2PSA (or asciisceneexport for .ase export). The .psk script has a GUI.

      Preparation of the Script blender2PSK version 1.0
      With that script you export the mesh and armature in referencepose.

      The scripts presets are, that it will export to a folder C:\\pskexport.
      You have to create this folder manually, it will not be created automatically.
      Of course you can edit the script to export to an other folder of your choice.
      Filename is the name of the mesh.

      Preparation of the Script
      This script exports the animations.
      Every Action in Blender will be one animationsequence in UED Animationbrowser.

      There are similar folder presets.
      In line 65 the Exportpath is specified:
      C:\\edit the script\\no filename given.psa
      I recommend to change the folder/Filename according to your choice before.
      Or just create a folder „edit the script“ on C: .

      Preparing the Model:

      There must be only one mesh in the scene.
      Modeling- process should be finished, before you add an armature-modifier or parent the mesh to the armature (old style).
      It must be triangulated (select all Vertices in Edit-Mode > Ctrl_T).
      It must have an UV-Layout, at least one Material (Imagetexture recommended) and an Image must be applied in the UV/Image Editor. (In UV/ImageEditor Fenster: Image>Open...).
      Pivotpoint should be at worldcenter.
      Apply Size and Rotation (ObjectMode >Crtl-A)

      Preparations of the Armature:

      There must be only one armature in the scene.
      All Bones need a Parent, but they need not to be connected.
      Without one, the Root Bone.
      It is recommended,that this Root Bone is not moving or rotating.
      This means I recommend an addiotional Bone on top of the hierachy (that´s a difference to maya for example).
      The armature has to have the same Pivotpoint like the Mesh (worldcenter X/Y/Z = 0).
      Apply Size/Rotation.

      Envelopes are not exported!
      You have to use Vertexgroups.
      I never had problems with that, but there should be a max. of boneinfluence per vertex of 3.
      Every Action in Blender will be exported as one Animationssequence to UED.
      Take care of naming them (RunF,.... of course you can change them in UED Animationsbrowser).
      1 Frame in Blender is 1 Frame in UED.
      The Actions should only include Location and Rotation Keys, which means there should only be Loc{X,Y,Z} and Quat{W,X,Y,Z} IPO Curves. Scale Werte must not be exported (it is the same in Maya, it will work there but ruin your animations).
      So just only place LocRot Keys. (I > LocRot).
      Every Action should contain IPO Curves for every Bone of the Armature. So not only key bones which are moving, but all.
      NLA can not be exported.

      How to I delete an Action completely?
      Just clicking the black X does not work (is just breaking the Connection).
      You have to delete the Data Block.
      Shift-F4 opend a „Data Select“ Window. Navigate to Actions , there should be all Actions in that folder. Rightclick the Actions you want to delete and hit F (the displayed F (Fake User) should disappear. Save the Scene and restart Blender.

      Known Bug: Old Datablocks (Bone, etc.) are there, producing an error, but you can not find/erase it.
      Try the Outliner to find it, or just use the Data Select Window again…

      .PSK and .PSA are imported to the Animationsbrowser in UED.
      Details are here:

      Details about Modelling, Rigging and Character Animation:


        Err, I couldn't find those scripts anywhere in that page you linked to...


          Sorry, I just realized, that you have to be logged in/registered at the site to see the attachments, if you do not want to register send me a PM with your emailadress and I mail it to you.


            I registered and downloaded them, no worries!


              Thanks a lot for posting this, it's priceless though you're probably not reading this anyway its been so long, but you deserve the accolade.

              Is there somewhere I can get those scripts from? I can't log into the german board to download them.


                Got them, thanks again.