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    Originally posted by Angel_Mapper
    I disagree. Just because music can't be pushed and a lot of people don't listen to it anyway doesn't mean it's not worth using custom music in levels.
    Originally posted by Circus
    Ya 99% of the time you probably disagree with me or who ever but?
    LOL, ya just kidding AM!
    I agree with AM. But then 99% of the time we agree to disagree on disagreements that we agree on... wouldn't you agree AM?

    Seriously though, I get enough downloads of my maps (vs pushes) that those people should have something custom for music that more fits the theme of the map than the stock UT2k4 oggs.
    Some of my maps use totally custom composed while others are simply other Epic music.

    I think more maps should use custom music. However, the mappers that do so should name the ogg so that we can easily tell what map it is from in order to do any future cleanup. The original music name and composer if required can be in a readme.


      I have seen a few maps where they get the music in the map to work online.I'm noot totally sure how they do it: mayube level sound?

      In which case I'm guessing it's not .ogg.



        Yupski - imported as a .wav & played through ambient sounds most likley.
        Tricky tho', because of the myriad sound settings that can be used by players.

        Also, the filesize can be huge, the other day I got ride of the Valkyries down from 56mb (.wav) to 6mb (.ogg), so it's not usually a good idea to import as .wav.

        I must confess I've done it once though, in Koopa (mario themed map) I used 2 short looping wavs (ripped from the Nes rom files) as music in the grassland & caslte areas, but thankfully they were only a few Ks in size, nothing like a "proper" musical track.

        @Daddy: Cheeres mate I'll go check my email.


          Originally posted by Circus
          Custom music for a mod like BigJim is making is OK since it is exclusive to that mod and most mods are not going to go to clients from server via redirect to the clients cashe! That mod would have its own folder with its own music folder with .ogg inside. And users of that mod are going to have to download it in its entirety to use/play it!

          Its not practical to make a single level with custom music because servers cant push .ogg music to clients like they can push a map file ect.

          Also UT comes with an .ogg music player so 60% of clients probably set up thier own list of songs for maps based on what they like to listen to. And also most clients that play on servers with custom content will get the files from that server via the redirect so hes not going to get the custom music file anyway since .ogg vorbis cannot be pushed.

          I think a good idea is to get with a mod builder to see if your custom music fits into thier theme or you could also make a website with all your custom music in .ogg format. Then anyone can download it and add it to there UTXX Music folder and play it using the music player that comes with the game!

          UT .umx music format was changed to .ogg when UT2003 came and also the music player which allows the players to control what kind of music they want to listen to rather than having some server force a lame song to me through the redirect for what ever purpose.

          Making the music choice a personal preference for the user is a much better way to go so trying to push/force music now is quite mute!

          But for a mod with a specific theme it is a good idea then the mod maker can show that in the mods description to potential downloaders/users.
          I'm not quite sure I follow what you are saying, are you saying that UT23k+ doesn't support custom music because the server wont send the file?

          I've played loads of maps with custom music and I've never downloaded a map from a website in my life, they've all come from whatever server i was connected to at the time.


            Originally posted by Angel_Mapper View Post
            Do you have any examples of your work?

            Is there an answer to this question?

            Email is out of the question.

            I need to hear an example. Preferably more than one example. You need to make your examples available to listen to on the web. Create a home page and then find a web host you can upload your sample music and then place a link on your homepage to those files (the sample music needs to be only a sample of a track, not the entire music track) on your home page so people can download and listen to it.

            There is another thread you posted some urls to sites that do not show examples of your music. So ..., you submitted two tracks. Are they being used and do I need to download the mod in order to listen to the music and how would I know which music tracks are yours? The same thing applies to Axeman Level Design.



              You could e-mail the said sites and they will tell you I'm for real.

              Axeman - jmscott311@***.net

              Smashball -

              Or you could e-mail me here -

              and I will clog up your e-mail with uncompressed AIF tracks if you want!

              I've only been doing this for 3 weeks and though I have created 5 tracks in that time, when I started out I didn't even know if any one would even bother replying to this thread.

              I suppose I ought to get a homepage started soon. Any recommended hosts?


                Daddy Warhol
                Can you create music for this map? It's is near to release btw. What you think about this? Mail me -


                  What A Lovely Map!

                  Sure darling, it looks brill (but how does it play ?)

                  Expect a mail soon with some samples of mah sk33ls.


                    Originally posted by MindRiot View Post
                    There is another thread you posted some urls to sites that do not show examples of your music. So ..., you submitted two tracks. Are they being used and do I need to download the mod in order to listen to the music and how would I know which music tracks are yours? The same thing applies to Axeman Level Design.
                    I can only say that I've been working w/ DW for the past two weeks to get a track for an upcoming level and it has been a great experience. He does quality work and I am pleased with the outcome.
                    However, you'll have to wait until my level is released to hear it, but I assure you I am going to use his work on this level and, most likely, in future levels.

                    So- he doesn't have a website or any downloadable samples. I guess you'll just have to take my word on it and email him and let him email you some samples he's done. It'll be worth it.




                      I suppose I better get a domain up sharpish.

                      (And not just some Myspace horse****)

                      Axeman - I downloaded the latest beta you sent me but it doesn't work.

                      I also re-did that .ogg file and E-Mailed it but I think the guitars on the track need there low mids cutting some more so I'm going to send you another one.

                      It's this need for 'loudness' that screws up the tracks EQ.


                        *This is a bump post. It is probably better than starting a whole new thread*