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    Music composer offering 'services'

    I dont know if this has been done before, but I would like to collaborate with a mapper in making additional music for user maps and mods.

    Is this a common thing?

    If anybody is interested I will set up a host for some of my tracks.

    Incase your wondering I am well educated... but otherwise incapacitated for reasons I wont divulge on the inter-web. I would like the compositional challenge.

    excellent! - just the sort of thing I need
    I have a mod and a number of maps that need some good custom music

    just use the email in my profile to contact me



      Do you have any examples of your work?


        Hey daddy. Welcome to the forums.

        As it happens for the next month I'm continuing work on a single player campaign, similar gameplay to Unreal (which I love), but with a very cinematic, classical theme to the music, as opposed to the techno-techno style of U1, stuff like Barber, Wagner, some old hollywood film scores, etc...

        If you're up for helping with some custom tracks on top of the tracks already included, I'd be most appreciative.
        A problem I've run into is that it's hard to find stock music that fits some of the cutscenes, plot and pace of the various different levels, etc..

        Is this a common thing?
        Well, not quite so common as the "omg! the viewports are white!ones!" posts () but there's a few people around the community who like the challenge of composing for maps.
        Generally speaking it's something that many mappers (myself included) have a habit of neglecting, you spend all this time & effort on the gameplay & visuals, but are left clueless as to how to go about creating the musical score.

        Ok, there's a few notable exceptions, but in general I'd guess that you'll get a lot more people after custom music than you've got time to produce it..

        Ps; best of luck.



          Well BigJim,

          The reason a lot of computer game music is techno is because thats the kind of music that is easily produced on computers.

          The Atari ST for instance was for the late 80s and early 90s was the sequencer machine behind techno (kind of).

          Classical scores require expensive samples and programs or even getting it played and recorded 'properly' for it to sound at least listenable. The crapness of the HALO music, which sounds like it was made with gayage (garage) band is a case in point.

          Does your mod have a web-site, with some screen shots and thematic guidance I could at least have a go at producing some musical sketches.


            --->Warhol the Fanboy.

            Oh Jim, I just checked your earlier posts, your levels are s3xY, I'd love to make music for you!


              Heya mate, thanks for the kind words.
              TBH There's some *far* better mappers than me around 'ere, & I'm a proper noob in comparison.

              Does your mod have a web-site, with some screen shots and thematic guidance I could at least have a go at producing some musical sketches.
              Heh heh, nothing so organised at the moment I'm afraid.
              It's for the current Unreal Playground comp (, which revolves around mapping for a Singleplayer & Co-op adventure gametype, OSM.

              Right now I'm half way through the alotted 2 months, & while there's certainly no secrecy or anything like that to do with the entries, getting a site up and publicising it with screenies, previews etc.. hasn't really been a priority - just getting everything done and finished by the deadline is the biggest priorty.

              Don't get me wrong, I've put far too much time & effort (and sick-days if I'm being 100% honest.. ) to *not* get it done, but hopefully that explains why I've not done any of the usual things to do with a mod.

              Really, it's not even a mod per-se, it's just a collection of 7 linked maps that follow a singleplayer story, and apart from the 600k OSMT .u files, everything custom is myLevelled within each map file itself.
              So far I've got 5 of the 7 levels fully built, but 4 & 5 still need the AI, monsters and matinee sequences doing, after that I need to do levels 6 & 7.

              Anywhoo, I'd be happy to show you everything I've got so far, but atm it weighs in at about 1.6gb, but to be fair that's mainly the multiple saves of the levels as I've been working on them.

              I'd be happy to send you the OSMT files (that make up the gametype I'm mapping for), the most recent version of each map, and the .ogg files for the intro sequences that I've set up, if that's any use.
              You can then feel free to open up the maps in the Ed, and either fly around them & see for yourself, or to play them, whatever.
              If you reckon there's anything you can/want to do, then it's up to you matie, I certainly don't want to foister my deadline onto any-****** else.

              It's kinda handy though - it's the music for the already-built levels that I'm actually struggling with - I've got the intro music sorted for level 2 (I'll include that), but there's no music for the actual in-game play.
              Level 1 (the famous, wake up aboadship intro style level) has got no music, and level 4 doesn't either.
              Level 5's sorted it'll be using Barber's adagio for strings (in kinda homage to Homeworld, and it suits the theme really nicely imho), level 6 is sorted, and level 7 (the final boss) is sorted too.

              Like I say, I'll show you the material I've got so far, & then leave it up to you if you're up for it, I admit now you mention it that classical music must be much harder to knock out, and the time is a constraint, so if it seems a bit un-doable then that's perfectly cool matie.


                Originally posted by Circus
                Its not practical to make a single level with custom music because servers cant push .ogg music to clients like they can push a map file ect.

                Also UT comes with an .ogg music player so 60% of clients probably set up thier own list of songs for maps based on what they like to listen to. And also most clients that play on servers with custom content will get the files from that server via the redirect so hes not going to get the custom music file anyway since .ogg vorbis cannot be pushed.
                I disagree. Just because music can't be pushed and a lot of people don't listen to it anyway doesn't mean it's not worth using custom music in levels. For me, it shows a real attention to even the tiniest detail and can really make a level that much more unique.

                Personally, I've used custom music in all of my 2k4 levels, except for the Mega Pack one. But if that hadn't been in the Mega Pack, I already had the custom music picked out for it.


                  Originally posted by Circus
                  BJ I hope your considering making that into a coop adventure and not just SP as I have been waiting now for SuperApe's promise to release a coop adventure with the new gametype tools. Loved to play Unreal 1 coop, and ONP, and Monster hunt, ect ect.
                  Bad news I'm afraid..

                  Most of the levels are designed around only one player, if you have 2 (or more) it'll totally break most of the puzzles, traps etc.. (not to mention the storyline.. ).
                  There are a few entries for co-op play though, so don't feel left out..

                  TBH I didn't think there'd be so much call for coop, so I never planned around it - I'm definately gonna do a bigger & more lavish campaign when I'm done (well after I'm done ), & coop sounds like it'd be fun.


                    Originally posted by Circus
                    Ya 99% of the time you probably disagree with me or who ever but?


                      So is BigJim's mod UT1 only?

                      I only have ut 2004 :/


                        Originally posted by Daddy Warhol
                        So is BigJim's mod UT1 only?

                        I only have ut 2004 :/
                        Oops, sorry if I gave you that impression.
                        Nope, it's for 2K4 - The reson I'm doing something in the style of Unreal1 is mainly because I was always going on about how the community can't moan about bad games like Unreal2, when we've got the tools to make it ourselves, and to be fair after that I had to give it a bash..

                        But yeah, it's for 2K4 (I always lament the fact I never got into UT99 mapping, I like BSP much ore than meshes).



                          So do you have an e-mail BigJim?


                            Ayup matie, yeah it's TheBigJimmage(at)gmail(dot)com



                              Mail sent.