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can myLevel be too big?

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  • can myLevel be too big?

    i've a highly-customized CTF map with a substantial texture package as well as other smaller packages, all currently external. my testers and others have recommended streamlining the install process, and adding everything to myLevel seems to be a favored method. but i've also heard of one instance of "unexplainable" framerate drop with lots of resources in myLevel.

    the texture package is about 55 Mb, total resources about 62 Mb -- anyone care to comment on the advisabilty of putting this amount of data into myLevel?

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    myLevel all the way I've got a few maps kicking around with that kind of amount of stuff (with additional meshes and sounds on top of that) and they're fine. There's really no difference between myLevel and any other package, except that it's stored within the map - all resources are precached in exactly the same way as if they were in seperate packages, so you shouldn't have any issues.