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has anyone used NetMeeting for realtime help?

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    has anyone used NetMeeting for realtime help?

    Hey peeps,
    in the beginning, when learning any software there were help files, books, manuals.
    And then with video tutorials, learning has just become so much easier and faster. But still, there could be improvements no? With forums such as this one, learning specifics are even faster, but still the inability to actually SHOW someone what the situation/problem i am facing is, leads me to think that there could be a better way of sharing info in real time.

    I am wondering if anyone tinkered with MS NetMeeting as a tool to remotely look at someone's project in realtime? I know that thru NetMeeting one is able to share programs remotely. But very few seem to bother. Any reason?

    Security, timezones, and dialup connections are obvious speedbreakers, but still it would be real cool to have one of you take me through a game editor problem on my screen.

    Any thoughts?

    my thoughts are thta the risks are too high and you have too much of chance of some ******* deleting your map or somethin. Unfortunatly ppl you know you could trust(like me ^_^(maybe.. hehehe) angelmapper, angelheart, epic and de ppl, etc really do not have time to do all of that... =|


      It runs like ****. I tried coding with a friend using wotgreal over netmeeting, both of us on high speed connections, and it just didn't work well. If it didn't work well for coding, then I can't imagine it would be good for graphics intensive uses such as modeling, level design, etc....