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I nedd a lil help...plz ^^

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    I nedd a lil help...plz ^^

    I am making a vCTF map and i'm trying to put the vehicles in it, but everytime i go to test the map in the editor they don't show up. I have the flags in there and i have the game type as CTF or do i have to put vCTF as the game type?

    I looked at other ONS maps to see what they did with thier vehicle properties and set mine the same way...the only thing they had different was bReverseBlueTeamDirection set to True....I tried it both ways and they still didn't spawn.

    If someone could help me i would appreciate it, thnx

    Try this; xGame.xVehicleCTFGame

    Other than that you just need 2 flags, don't even matter if they're both the same colour, or if you have 2 sets of flags, etc..

    Best of luck.


      Thank you sooo much it worked.....but is there a way to scale the vehicles down? I tryed the Scale option at the bottom right and is made them smaller in the editor but when i tested it they were the same size.



        Well, the vehicles you see in the Ed aren't actually vehicles at all, they're VehicleFactories (r-click one, open it's props & check the title bar of the props window).

        Vehicle factories are just actors that spawn a certain vehicle, they use the same mesh as the vehicle just for convenience in placement (in 2K3, the vehicle factory was just a floating icon, for example), and so if you alter the drawscale, all it does is alter the factory's scale, *not* the scale of the vehilce it's gonna spawn.

        To change anything about the vehicle itself, you need to create a copy of the original class (a subclass), and then modify *that*, through it's properties and code.

        Not to be rude or owt, but if this is your first map I'd suggest you avoid tryin gany coding & subclassing - I tried it myself on my fist map to use my own vehicle skins, and take my word for it, it's a pain in the ars* tryin gto learn the basics of coding etc.. at the same time as learning *straight* mapping.

        If you're adamant though, try a few searches for vehicle subclasses/ing, and vehicle scale/size, etc.. here and on 3DBuzz & UnrealPlaygound


          ok tyvm^^ i have a lil experience in coding so its not really that new to me...this is just the first time making a vCTF map .....but ty for the info


            One last question if ur still looking at this there a way to make it so you can only capture the flag in a vehicle or does that have to be done in coding too? thnx for the help ^^


              I'm sure it can be done, but yeah, it would have to be done in code.

              I wanted to use the same idea for my Fast & the Furious style, street-racer themed map (you better believe it ), you can embed the vehicle pickups mutator into your myLevel package, but for some reason it doesn't work properly with CTF flags..

              However, since your playerpawn effectively *becomes* the vehicle when you enter it, there must be some code in the SVeicle or ONSVehicle class that specifies "do not detect pickups when I am a vehicle", or words to that effect.

              If you can find that, then you *should* be able to subclass it, remove that line(s) of code and then hang your new vehicle subclasses from that main class.

              It's a bit of a long shot, but that's what I'd do.