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Advanced Lighting (corona) Question:Distance fade out and back in

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    Advanced Lighting (corona) Question:Distance fade out and back in

    Ok I have some very important blue lights in my map.I thought maybe this could be achievd with only a texture.So I'll ask that part later in this.

    I have multiple little blue coronas over these meshes, when you are close they show up nice a bright blue.

    As you move back, it fades out.THEN it comes back as you back a little farther.

    I have a video to show this as well; click here:

    Is there anything I can do to make it light evenly at all angles?

    Can I use a specular or self illumination on a texture to get theis?

    Under the lights I do have a blue Self Illum that has a all blue EnvMap, and has blue on each side of the corrisponding cubemap.

    So is there a way to maybe to it like that?

    A Self-Illumination Shader usually works good for this (on the light itself), I'm not sure why you went with a EnvMap on it though, the lights are probably too small and too far away to see this, so it is probably a waste of processing and texture memory.

    Too bad UE2 doesn't have the bloom shader, that's exactly what you need.

    How far are the corona Light actors from the surface?
    If they are right close to the wall faces, they will act funny as you move around to varying angles. Corona visibility is a bit odd in the engine, as you probably have noticed that when you move behind a wall the coronas will usually persist for a while before disappearing. I usually place them around 4UUs away from the light source.
    Also, if they fade out too soon, then set the distance appropriately for what you want (Lighting.LightRadius).
    Coronas are already unlit, so there is nothing you can do to the texture otherwise.


      So what should I use instead of an ENV?


        The texture used for the face of a light is usually just a Shader with Self-Illumination.