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Stupid bot paths....

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    Stupid bot paths....

    How do i keep patch from connecting?

    Immaking a stairwell, and the bot apths are stupid as hell and are connecting over the center and through the railing, so bots will act like dumbasses and either jump to their deaths or get stuck jumping up and down like retards cause they cant get over the rail....

    I just want to block the paths... the only things i have found are volumes (blocking actors... which screws some weapons...) and the blocking patch which... isnt helping unless i put about a billion in the stair way...

    There has to be a easy way....... this is getting annoying ive been ******* with these patchs for like 4 hours just in one area.....

    you can force paths to be used or not used.

    from a node it has 4 slots of FORCED PATHS and 4 slots of PROSCRIBED PATHS

    forced paths are just that. they force that node to connect to another node through its name. find the node you want that one to connect to and check its OBJECT NAME. EX... Pathnode56. then in Pathnode55's properties... set its FORCED PATH to Pathnode56 and it will be forced one way to that path. do the reverse and they will be connected nomatter what

    proscribed paths work the same way, but instead of forcing the path, it makes the bots NEVER use that path.

    forced paths show up yellow. proscribed paths show up red


      Thanks for the fast reply heh, iw as actually comming back to delete this cause i opened the navigation point script to look at it and saw that....

      I thought force was to force if they wernt connecting, and proscribed was... like prescription or something lol....

      Im dumb thanks though hehe.

      :haha: :haha: :haha:


      This will take a year... lol... i wish there was a simple path blocking volume or something lol...

      Ive got like 6 stories of stairs.... and a spiderweb going up them in the middle lol

      :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


        Another solution would be to put FearSpots in the stairwell so they will stay away from the ledge.

        Assuming they haven't been disabled.