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All sounds on my map are gone

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    as a FYI: Save custom stuff in "MyLevel". its a built in package that gets saved with the map and does not exsists externally (so don't go looking for it in folders)

    im not sure about the sound problem but someone else prolly will soon

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  • started a topic All sounds on my map are gone

    All sounds on my map are gone

    I was trying to import a model that I have done in 3dmax and it didnt work direct.I have heard that you should not place static meshes in a packages that come with the game.So i imported the model in a packages and then i saved it as "test" but in the packages were some other meshes from another package.I then added my model in the map and "build all" and then tried my map.The model didnt show up in the game for the first even if it was in the editor and last the sound was totaly gone

    I restarted the editor and tried again with the same result,I then tried to take away the model that i had done and tried again with the same result.After that i tested on a whole new map.One room,one light,one player start and the same again.

    before the game start up in the loading log a error occur
    : musicplayer: couldn't find matching frametyp for xxxx
    xxxx = i didnt se what it was :bored:

    On one map that i haved done the sound was there but got the error as before,I then tried to add the model in to this map and then after that the map have no sound.I then tried to take away the model from the map but the map was still silent.

    What is wrong?
    is it hopeless and should I reinstall?