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BSP staticmesh- export Stitch Faces?

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    BSP staticmesh- export Stitch Faces?

    Making static meshes some times I like to map out the SM as a brush first to get the scale I want, then export out and edit it, ie delete some verts, add some edges and jazz it up, then texture it then import back into ued as a SM.

    well problem is that the edges are messed up with brushes exported out as an obj, unreal splits the edges so they need welding or filling some how.

    There is a program called meshworks that does an operation to correct this, I tried the demo and the mesh didn't load correctly, plus its like 500 usd, so I'm not forking that out, what do you use for this, anyone seen a nice free or cheap prog to do this, what about max users, I'm not an experienced user of this program, I guess some sort of weld edges may solve the issue here, but do you have to do it 2 edges at a time, it would be easier to weld all of the edges at once, is that possible, I want a quick way to get the edges done, it would be nice if only a couple of operation was needed to clean up a mesh.

    from meshworks

    Stitch Faces

    Some CAD systems export meshes with loosely tied faces. The edges of adjacent faces seem to coincide to the naked eye, but actually there are minute needle shaped spaces between adjacent faces. MeshWorks stitches adjacent faces of a mesh together to remove the gaps.

    Original mesh (red portion denotes gap between faces)

    Stitched mesh

    Well if you have MAX, it's easy.

    Weld vertex.


      Make sure you do that in EditPoly mode, not editmesh, as Weld Selected in Poly mode is a lot more effective than in mesh mode. Just highlight all verts, Weld Selected (on the righthand menu), and hit ok. You should see the vert count drop drastically. Only apply smoothing groups AFTER doing this, or they won't apply correctly and will generally look ****.

      edit: Since you say you're inexperienced in Max, just to be sure I'll say that converting to EditPoly is as easy as rightclicking the mesh and selecting it from the quadmenu, in case you weren't aware of Poly Mode (it's way better than Mesh mode, use it).


        So I can I weld all edges at once as doing every edge will take ages, much quicker to weld all of them on the model all at once.

        so its weld edges not points or faces to clean the model up.


          Weld vertices, as we already said.


            In Maya Im sure edit polygons>Merge vertices, will work.


              Since you didn't specify which application you use, I'll say how to do this in blender:

              import, select object and go into edit mode, select all, press the rem doubles key. Viola, works like a charm.

              edit: it works in all editmodes, but I tend to use the vertex editmode.


                I use wings 3d or 3d studio max