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    You can actually modify all these settings in a mod called "VehicleStuff" which works like "WeaponStuff" but for vehicles. It lets you change all the strengths, speeds, and even what is mounted on top of each vehicle. Manta+LeviathanWeapons+60InchRims+0to60in1sec=Fun.

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    Ion Tank


    Id like to add an Ion Tank in some of the ONS maps mainly Torlan and the ones where the leviatan is in...But i want more life for the tank (i found a way to add the tank but with only 800HP while i want 1500 or maybe 2500).
    For exemple in the Torlan map, i'd like to switch the hellbender in the central comm tower in an Ion Tank, with 1500 or 2500HP.

    Any idea?

    Since im a n00b in editing maps, could you help me plz?

    Thank you all .