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    um, could u put that into ued newb terms plz


      Between two "rooms" you have a window. This window will be rectangular. Make the red brush a sheet (the button that looks like a square, not a cube, choose the "Regular Brush" setting, solid) and turn the sheet so that it is a rectangle where you want the window glass to be. Then pick a texture for it, either class, or mirror, or whatever you want it to look like, and subtract it.
      It will then appear as a two sided sheet. If you convert that to a mesh, it will only appear as once sided, as you want. If it is clear on the wrong side, just rotate the mesh.


        Originally posted by sandorski
        He's already tried making the cylinder that way, but wants to be able to walk into it. Someone previously suggested a better way of making it, that is to make a Solid Cylinder, then Subracting out a smaller Cylinder inside of it. Unfortunetly that can't be made into a SMesh though.
        Well yes IT can.

        Create the cylinder
        Subtract a hole throught it.
        Place a sqaure red cube around the cyclinder and intersect the red brush, presto a hollow builder brush you can then convert to static mesh and walk through,,,, exactly the same method as I mentioned above. But more complex.

        But I think I understand what he wants, a cyclinder without thickness. You won't do that using BSP, you will need maya or max so you can remove the ends of the cyclinder, then use a FinalBlend texture with TwoSided=True. But using that type of mesh will cause problems with the karma engine.