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Static mesh Problem

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    Static mesh Problem


    I have created a static mesh package of walkways and put them into a level,
    but when I took them on a memory pen to my friend's house (he has exactly the same build as me) The static meshes from my package wouldn't appear, but their shadows still appeared.

    Now I'm confused because when i get maps off the net, it only includes the map, but I'm sure there are meshes on those that I haven't got!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    You need to put the static meshes in your myLevel package. The "myLevel" package lets you put meshes and textures where that they are attached to your map so you don't need to keep track of what other files have to be included for your map to work correctly. Don't edit the packages that came with your game and making new packages is not worth it when you are building them for a map. The shadow problem is because shadows on BSP depends on the mesh being there on the previous build of lighting... if you build lighting again, you will notice the shadows go away. Also, when you loaded your map, you should have noticed a window appear that says some packages are missing.
    Of course, this might not be the solution to your problem... you may be having a mesh-not-existing problem as I suspect, but if you think I'm wrong rebuild the lighting. if the shadow disappears, I was right. If it is still there, play the map and walk into where the mesh should be, if something blocks your way, of if not, you can figure out what the problem is. You can usually figure these types of things by just trying different things until you notice what the problem is.


      You were right.:up: The static meshes wern't there and the shadows dissapeared when I rebuilt lighting.

      How do you add static meshes to the mylevel package?

      By the way, would this work with textures too?:mefiant15:


        When you import static meshes (or if you are converting bsp to meshes, which gives bad results), a box will appear asking you which package you want to import it into, what the mesh name should be, etc. you specify "myLevel" as the package, the Group can be left blank and the mesh will be saved within your map's file. You should never save the myLevel package by clicking "File>Save", it saves itself... Every map has its own myLevel, rather than sharing with other maps. You can add static meshes and textures inside the myLevel package.



          I owe you one. No really, got a problem, I'll try to fix it as best I can!