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    when i create a scene using terragen, the terrain only shows one plain texture over everything. How is it that people create terrain with areas of snow, rock, dirt all on the same terrain? An example of this is dm-elegance from the community bonus pack, it has rocky mountains with snowy peaks and flat areas. Is it some plugin i have to download?

    No doubt that actually the terrain was created, textured and then painted inside unrealed.

    Using the terrain editing features.

    The best way to get familiar with this feature is to listen to video 5 (of 7 in the the terrain series) from Its 1 of a series of video lectures that was created by Buzz and logan.

    Logan gives a nice overview of how its done using layers and paint tools. Heres the direct link to the video.

    But also check out this page.

    It kind of gives an overview of the videos that has available on ut mod making. Once again Epic payed them to make them available to us for free. Now thats good support of the mod community if you ask me.

    The video series on terrain also explains how you can import that terragen file as a bitmap into a map, then use the ingame editing tools to make a texture that you paint ineditor and you can add rocks and trees with a paint brush.


      My tutorial:


        Oh yah. I forgot to mention angel mappers tutorials :>.

        Which of course are just wonderfull tuts.


          terragen is a very viable way to make skybox textures. UED is, imo, noticable. and so is terragen, in a simple form. but its possible, with work, to make amazing things in terragen. though you wont have trees or rocks.


          theres also a new version out recently, if you didnt catch it. v9.19