This is a second idea that I developed while sitting on the train heading home from work one night. As always, all readers are free to use / improve or embellish this idea as much as they like, as long as it inspires people.

I've been on a bit of a spacecraft / scifi theme lately, so forgive me if it looks like i'm rehashing a bit!

Once again, enjoy.

Imperial Hope

Quick synopsis: Rogue Merceneries have captured and imperial frigate. With only 30 minutes until the mercs can jump away the imperium has contacted local merc fleets to attempt to reclaim the frigate.

The Rohmna sector is considered to most as dull as any star sector could possibly be. Another sector that had decided to include such elements as planets, comets or the odd asteroid field would comparibly make it quite easily the most exciting place in the universe, when compared to Rohmna. Being primarily a trading route for large space frieghters, most captains find the most entertaining part of travelling through this long sector to be a good chance to catch up with that old game 'count the stars'.

As such many of the star counting captains needed to rub their eyes and pinch themselves when an imperium vessel entered the system. When the imperium vessel was suddenly set upon by swarms of small mercernary fleets the captains all thought this so impossible that most just put it down to the 'deep space crazies' and promptly decided it might be a good time to have a lie down.

Imperial Hope
The Imperial Frigate IMP5043 or otherwise referred to as 'Spite' by its crew, other vessel crews, and often by pirates right before the explosive decompression unwraps them and gives them a first class view of the inside of their skin, or somebody elses skin depending on the size of the appropriate explosion.

The universe was colonised by man, alien, fetorgs and another race that the rest of them can't quite pronounce. Of the areas colonised by man, the largest is the Imperium, spanning countless (yes we tried) star systems. The Imperium is held in relative peace by its not-all-that-small-indeed armada that quite will happily and casually remove merceneries, pirates, rogue species of alien and the occasional planet from the universal map.

Spite had just recently engaged in battle with a pirate base located within what is often called the 'kaboom' sector - a sector rather renowned for harbouring pirate fleets whom favourite passtime when not painting pirate flags on their vessels is launching attacks on nearby frieghters and traders.

However, this time Spite had taken rather serious damage to its main engines thanks to the recent demise of a pirate vessel who had chosen that the best place to end their existance was the rear end of the imperial frigate.

Although victorious, Spite was now limping - in ways only a star frigate of nearly 25000 tonnes can limp - back to a nearby imperial station for repairs. Deciding that the best course would be the boring course, the captain decided to limp through the Rohmna sector thanks to it's reputation for being so uninteresting that the big bang that formed the universe originally had decided that it was better to scatter it's matter elsewhere.

However this decision was both a blessing a curse for the now wounded Spite. While completely empty and rather silent, it also put Spite out admist what should be a very very empty sector if the pirates that the Spite has previously harassed had decided to call for reinforcements and take the spite from the imperium

Swarming onto the ship like many angry hornets, the pirate fleet quickly overcame the spite's remaining defense weapons and boarded the ship. Quick to dispense some pirate flavoured justice, the crew all quickly met their appropriate maker. Before their demise and boarding however, the captain of the Spite was able to relay a distress signal to the imperium station in the next system.

The Spite while damaged was still capable of making a short term light jump, capable of taking it well outside the grasp of any imperium attack force that may make itself apparent in the coming hours. The pirates quickly began to dock their craft and prepare to jump the craft into another sector with their prize frigate. The process would take hours, allowing a small window for possible retribution.

However, the signal had not been unheard. Quick to respond, the imperium station scouted the nearby sectors for another frigate or cruiser to aid the fallen Spite. With none to be found due to the non regulation path the captain had taken, the imperium sought it's only remaining form of justice, Merceneries or known as 'Pirates who haven't been charged yet'. A cruiser two systems away was making it's way to the Spite, but would not be there in time, unless the jump array on the spite is disabled.

Contacting a local rival fleet, the station commander offered an extreme reward for the return of the Spite and any of the crew if still alive. Local mercenary captain Gash quickly took up the challenge to bring down a rival pirate crew and either return the spite, or keep it for himself.

Bringing his availble fleet quickly up behind the spite, the mercenary crew quickly donned their armour and space-env suits, and set to board the wounded spite. With only approximately 27 minutes remaining until the craft would jump the invading pirates prepared for a brutal close quarter fight for the prize.

Mission Objective Summary - Attackers
The attackers are attempting to gain entrance to the spite, by leaping from their fighters onto the large ship. The pirates have enabled some of the turrets and guns located around the craft that must be disabled before the attackers can override a hatch control and enter the interior of the craft. Once inside, the attackers will need to open the launch bay doors to enable their fighters to land in the craft and continue on the fight. Once the craft are landed, the attackers must firstly get to the main engine room and disable the light jump array, stopping the defenders from escaping, and lastly taking the bridge and stealing the prize for their own.

Mission Objective Summary - Defenders
The Defenders must attempt to prevent the attackers from taking control of the craft for 30 minutes while the light jump array finishes charging and allows them to escape. They must firstly defend one of the two opening hatches available across the surface of the craft with their defensive weapons and turrets available, secondly they must prevent the attackers from opening the bay doors and bringing their ships inside the firing range of the Spites guns. If landed, the defenders must attempt to prevent the light jump array from being destroyed however if they are destroyed, the defenders must attempt to hold the bridge to give them enough time to arm the self destruct before escaping.

Settings & Location
1: Outdoor Spite / Surrounding ships
2: Hangar Bay / Indoor the spite
3: Indoor the spite / Main Engine Array
4: Indoor the spite / Bridge

Suggested Visuals
When developing this scenario I had the idea in mind of an industrial styled ship, much like the battlestar galatica, which looks distinctively square and retro. I also had ideas of a ship the size of the SDF-1 from Macross / Robotech.

Objectives - Attackers
1. Open a hatch to enter the spite
Along the surface of the spite is 2 main entrances, these are sealed blast doors that are designed to take a pummeling from spacecraft laser weaponry, however they are not particularly defensive against traditional hand arms such as rocket launchers are flak / shard based attacks. Remove the defensive turrets and then destroy an entrace to enter the Spite.

2. Capture the launch bay / open the launch doors
The attackers ships are currently under fire from the Spites larger and more defensive weaponry which is designed to fight space stations and other large ships, by opening the blast doors the smaller pirate vessels will get inside the minimum fire range of these large blast weapons and will allow the attackers to escape with the prize once the current pirates are removed.

3. Destroy the light jump array
Unlike the current pirates, the local merc fleet have larger ships on stanby that would be capable of escorting this ship into their posession, thus removal of the light jump array is necessary to stop this ship from being taken into enemy territory. Proceed towards the rear of the ship and remove the light jump array.

4. Capture the bridge and the Spite.
Screw the imperium, this merc fleet is taking a frigate of it's own. Kill the pirates holding the bridge and capture the bridge controls, stealing a huge prize unlike any other taken by a pirate.