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Attack on Ions: Dropping the Glass

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    Attack on Ions: Dropping the Glass

    Attack on Ions: Dropping the Glass
    This is part of what I hope to be a long series of ideas that I have never implemented into a level design of any variety.

    Most of my designs are built around objective based gameplay, and would suit gametypes like Unreal Tournaments 'assault' or the 'campaign' gametype of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory & Return to Castle Wolfenstein. However any team / objective based gameplay should be able to use these ideas.

    Anyone is free to comment or suggest improvements. I really just want to throw these ideas out to the community in case this inspires anyone to make some new awesome assault levels. I find the best way to get something started is to have a backstory, and I enjoy writing the backstories

    Feel free to take this idea and change it completely, or run with it and develop it from my design. I have made things deliberately vague in terms of how the objectives are to be completed, as I don't want to lock down these details and ruin the possibility of some really cool expansions upon my idea.

    Attack on Ions: Dropping the Glass

    Ions, the floating sky city. Home of the planets ruling class whom sit above the small planet of Corsec. A technological marvel, Ions is suspended high in the air by a technology known as the hantec pods. Originally developed to house the people while developing the planet below, but has since become much more sinister.

    Ions, an affront to those below who have been forced to live in the squallor of the slums on the planets surface.

    The elite have long run Corsec in a cruel and harsh manner to those below, enforcing strict and regular supplies of food and processed materials which drain the planets resources to fuel their own gluttony. The people on the planet suffer as they are forced to work in labour camps to feed the elite above.

    Those living in the squallid slums below have grown weary and angry at the constant torture and cruel conditions they are enforced to live within to preserve a floating glory they may never see and never touch.

    The people have decided to bring ions down to the planets surface below, ending the rulers supreme injustice to those of the planet below. Through pooling what little resources available, the local population has contacted an off-planet captain and his group of mercenery warriors.

    To transport the materials from the planets surface to the floating capital, a trasport guarded by raptor spacecraft leaves from a secured loading dock containing materials destined for those above. The merceneries will infiltrate this loading dock and board this transport. Once aboard, they will fly into the city of Ions and destroy the citys floating generators - the hantec pods.

    Unknown to the planets occupants, the rulers above had long forseen this and had long planted spies amongst the populace below. The rulers are aware of the situation and chose to allow those below to believe their redemption is almost at hand.

    The merceneries sucessfully infilitrated into the landing bay. However they have been ambushed by militant forces of the supreme above. The plan to sneak aboard ions is gone, now the merceneries, joined by the planets people, strive to launch craft to attack the sky city above.

    The battle to bring down Ions has begun.

    Mission objective summary - attackers
    The attackers will need to overcome the forces at the launch bay, launch their attack with the raptor aircraft (locked onto the launchpads), destroy the turrets surrounding the landing bay on ions. The attackers will then need to penetrate deep into Ions core and destroy the hantec pods to bring down ions.

    Mission objective summary - defenders
    The defenders need to defend the launch controls, if they are taken they will need to attempt to lock them back down before the raptors are launched. If launched, the defenders will need to attempt to stop the attackers from destroying the defense turrets and landing on ions. If they land the defenders need to stop the force from getting into the ions support grid and lastly protect the hantec pods from being destroyed.

    Settings / Locations
    Part 1: Landing Bay / Launch bay (ground)
    Part 2: Air Battle (air battle similiar to AS-Mothership in UT2004)
    Part 3: Ions City / Support Grid

    Objectives - Attackers

    1. Unlock the launch bay
    The launch bay had been locked down as the attack was expected, the controls to unlock the launch bays will need to be unlocked before the attackers can sucessfully launch.

    2. Steal the raptors and launch
    Once the launch bay is unlocked, the attackers will need to secure the raptors / spacecraft before launching their attack on ions

    3. destroy the defense turrets surrounding the launch bay entrance
    There are a number (possibly 2 or 4) defense turrets blocking the entrance to the landing bay. There should also be other defense turrets which are not required by the objective.

    3a (optional objective) disable the power generators
    There are a number of exposed power generators surrounding ions which power the support & defense grid. If the attackers take down these extra generators their entrance into the support grid will be all the easier.

    4 Access the support grid
    Ions hantec pods are located towards the lower side of the floating captial, the attackers will need to breach the support grid to enter into the chambers below

    5. Destroy the hantec pods
    The hantec pods keep ions afloat in the atmosphere, there should be four of these pods located roughly equal distance from each other or in a more gameplay oriented setup (one location with all the pods equally spread apart possibly). These need to be destroyed to bring down ions.

    Suggested Visuals
    While designing this scenario, I was inspired by some drawings i was looking at from in the 'finished section' of the forums. Take a look there for inspiration. Other inspiration could be 'battle angel alita' an old anime for a real rusty / technological appearance.
    This is the image that spawned the idea