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My skies and and cliff-textures (large images!).

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  • My skies and and cliff-textures (large images!).

    Download (read down for pics and info)

    Unreal DDS and UTX (converted by DGUnreal)
    Raw TGA.

    Ok, some textures I made a few months back, they were released on the Radiant/Hammer-scene. However, I would love to see these being used by the Unreal community also, but, since I'm no Unreal designer (yet!) I forgot about releasing them here (click to enlarge images (skies only)).
    The licence for these would be, do whatever you want just cred me for what I did.

    5 Environment Maps
    Its more like three skies, where two of them, has a different 'style' like the Miramar and the Interstellar. These skies were made from my own cloud photos and also cloud photos found random on the net, also a bit of terragen were used.

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    6 Cliff/rock/stone-textures
    Six textures, 3x2 textures, they are all based on the same stock photo, snapped outside a church here in Stockholm. They ship with normal maps that I made and also a simpler, more generic grass texture for blend, ofc you don't need to use these. The ingame screens are snaped within the Source Engine.

    #1 (distance) (distance)

    #2 (distance) (distance)

    #3 (distance) (distance)


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      Very nice! Thanks for letting the community use them. What are your terms for use though?



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        Originally posted by ImaCarrot
        Very nice! Thanks for letting the community use them. What are your terms for use though?


        Hes right, they are cool.

        I would love to see a tutorial on this, I bet others would too...

        Incidentally, waht was the Hammer map you made?


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          Very nice textures.
          I am going to add them to my intranet lan server resources folder for the DGUnreal team's use in mapping. We always credit where our resources are sourced from. I assume that you want to be credited by your forum name?
          I can DDS the textures and get copies back to you if you like (smaller download and ready to import directly).
          You can see the DGUnreal team's maps through the links in my sig.


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            Those are actually pretty cool.

            May I inquire which programs/methods were used to make them tile? I've been wanting to do something like this myself.


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              I'll definitely be using these. Thanks!


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                The skies look exceptional; you're my hero


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                  Originally posted by Tidu
                  The skies look exceptional
                  They remind me of the skybox textures that IG created for Tribes:Vengeance, definitely top-notch retail-quality.
                  Now if only UT2k4 had the glow shader that T:V implemented... the night-time skyboxes with moon-glow clouds were awesome (hopefully UT2k7 will have this shader).
                  I hope that Hipshot creates more of them, I'll gladly use them in all of my upcoming maps (I can use them to impress the game company that is looking at my work ).


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                    Great stuff! I'll consider using some of them in my works, too... Thank you! :up:


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                      Thanks guys, there will be a tutorial on this, but not for a while, don't have time right now, you are not the first to ask this. I will be making more of the skies later, I'm so busy making maps and also my real life works take alot of time :/

                      I'm using the Interstellar one in my upcomming Q3 map.

                      @ DGUnreal, Yea, remembering that TV-screens too, actually when I played Tribes II way back, one of the reasons why the game looked so good was because of the skies, I only played Vengence for like, 10min at a friends, I never got the game, but I see now, that the blue sky I so much enjoyed watch screens of from Vengence, really nailed itself onto my mind, actually I see now, that what I though was inspired from the Raven Shield airport map (which also is similar) really is more like the Vengence sky!


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                        cool stuff indeed, retail quality!!!
                        i would prefer tga rather than dds


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                          Originally posted by Hipshot
                          I will be making more of the skies later
                          That is good to know.
                          Your textures are excellent.
                          Feel free to PM or email me in the future if you want me to DDS/UTX up any of your new textures (see my last PM to you).

                          Originally posted by Hipshot
                          I'm using the Interstellar one in my upcomming Q3 map.
                          Map looks cool, you should look into mapping for UT2004, the UE2 engine is considerably more powerful than the Q3 engine.

                          Originally posted by Hipshot
                          @ DGUnreal, Yea, remembering that TV-screens too
                          T:V is (was?) an excellent game... too bad that VUG killed it. I {gasp} enjoyed playing it more than UT2k4.
                          The team at IG did a fantastic job at the game enviroments, especially their textures. Two of my UT2k4 maps that I am currently working on have a bit of a T:V flavour to them.


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                            Originally posted by xblue_cn
                            i would prefer tga rather than dds
                            The TGA would really only be useful if you were planning on modifying the textures. For UT mapping, having them as DDS or UTX is fine.

                            I have converted the textures into DDS format and UTX format, including MaterialType properties etc. for the Cliff Pack, and complete Environment Reflection Maps for the Skybox Pack (Cubemap andTexEnvMap).

                            So the packs are now available in TGA, DDS, and UTX.
                            For the DDS, simply import them into your map's MyLevel package with the MipMaps unchecked (off). Be sure to set MaterialType and Detail as appropriate.
                            For the UTX, simply select the desired texture(s) and Rename them into your map's MyLevel package. Do not distribute the pack itself with your map.
                            See the Readme file with each pack.

                            I'll leave it to Hipshot to post the links to the files here in this thread, they are his textures. :up:


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                              those are freakin beautiful man, nice work! i'm going to use one in an upcoming map of mine, as a matter of fact.