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What packages do you use to skin???

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    What packages do you use to skin???

    What packages do you use to skin???

    i use photoshop 7.0 but i can never seem to make skins from scratch i just have to open the skin in photoshop, colourlise it, hue and saturise it, and maybe add a bit.

    how does everyone here make really amazing skins from scratch, are there any tuts on how to make good skins???

    P.S. Im back, but with a different name. I used to be stealth_ut2003, remember me???

    Here are a few tings that might help you.
    I've started out last year as a complete newb and learnt as I made my own stuff. Just don't rush your own learning path. Every one needs time to improve their skills.

    At first recolor jobs will teach you how to use some important PS7 tools : layers, Hue/Sat menu, Bright/Contrast menu, etc...
    I suggest using the layer groups (the folder looking icon in the layer menu) and adjustment layers (the black and white circle icon next to it).

    Now to make a decent skin you need to download the models' wireframes, available at fileplanet.
    These are essential to make precision drawing.
    There are many techniques to make a skin. At the moment, I generally start with the shadering. It consist in making a black and white picture with dark shades where the light isn't going to fall on the skin, and with lighter tones where it will.
    When this is done, it's used as a base or an overlay layer.

    Then I select a texture (or make one with filters) and use it either as a base or overlay it.

    The trickiest part is to give a personality to your character. I first try to give them general design patterns.
    First I select 2 colors which will define the general look of the character. I select the areas where these colors will appear.
    I don't put more than 3 main colors, because if you do, you risk the 'gay rainbow effect'.
    I try to mix these colors with several criteria :
    - 1 color should be light, the other one dark
    - 1 color should be neutral (almost desaturated) and the oher one can be agressive.

    Just keep in mind that these colors are what you are going to see when you play with the bot. So it's vital to select them carefully.
    You need to know your color chart, so as to avoid some fugly combinations (green+orange for example).

    Once the general design is chosen, I put little details. I generally try to design logos, team symbols or such.
    Also you can use clothing accessories such as belts, buckles, and so on to put details in your skin.
    Also, when putting the details, pay attention to the 3D aspect of the skin. No need to draw a complex logo in a part that is going to be very small in the model, or half hidden on the model.

    here are some tutorials about making skins

    Lots of skinning tutorials here

    Rorshach's Journal (look his help section)