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Editing Meshes for Dummies? I need a copy...

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    Editing Meshes for Dummies? I need a copy...

    Now, I'll admit, i'm not the fastest thinker on the block. i can't get this (Unreal Editor) to work.

    Even though i can import the character meshes from the UT2003 cd, the meshes are so small that I can hardly make them out. I would figure there would be some sort of zoom function in the MeshBrowser, but i haven't seen one documented anywhere! Can someone please help me!!!!!!!??????

    Another thing:
    I want to edit the mesh for one of the characters to create my own character. Is there a way to do this? Which 3d program would allow me to edit the mesh and then export it into a format i can use in UnrealEd?

    Is there anyway i can simply copy the animations from one of the .ukx files into a new animation file?

    Background: I'm just fooling around with UT2003. For a long time I've wanted a player clad in all-black. I simply want a slightly modified model in black (i've created the textures already and previewed them in UPaint). Now i just want to modify the model ever so slightly.

    Which program to use?
    and doesn't ActorX work with Maya PLE?

    signed, Fustrated

    No one cares to answer me?

    Part of the reason I've stayed away from 3D design software is poor documentation.

    Anyhow, i checked out Milkshape and apparently it allows import and export of .psk files. So i'll download that and modify the mesh to suit.