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Rotate tool problem.

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    Rotate tool problem.

    I'm having a bit of trouble with the rotate tool. I'm making a medium DM map that takes place on/in a dam. I'm making the arena a huge hollow cylinder with water and such in the center. The outer platform cylinder is 16 sides, and its R is 6144 UU. The inner platform cylinder is also 16 sides, and its R is 5120 UU. I want to make a glass enclosed walkway along the area created between the inner/outer platforms. So, I make my shape in the 2-d editor, taking care to make sure that its berth is 1024 UU. To make sure it fits right, I extruded a normal shape. Satisfied, I then play with the rotator. I figured that the distance the rotate pivot had to be from the INNER EDGE of my shape had to be 5120 UU, or 80 squares with the 64 grid size within the 2D editor. So I make careful sure to count perfectly 80 squares, and I know I did this right, because I set it up so that there were 20 squares per screen, and I carefully moved it across each screen. So far so good. Now I rotate the shape via the pivot, 16 times. But it's all wrong... well, not ALL wrong. But it doesn't fit perfectly, as it should. I got all the dimensions perfectly right though, and I've checked again and again and again. What have I done wrong?

    Let me emphasize that it is VERY CLOSE to fitting in the shape, but as we all know, CLOSE is not CLOSE ENOUGH when it comes to mapping![/edit]

    If this means anything, after I rotated the shape, it didn't have the same rotation as the two other cylindrical shapes. I had to rotate it a little to make all the sides line up.

    Here's a pic, to show more precisely what I mean.