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    Terrain issue

    Hello everybody, Im a first time poster here so if this comes off as a noobish question please dont laught and point fingures to much.

    Ok Im currently working on a level in unreal , im working to recreate autobot city from transformers (original version baby!)

    My issue is this. I built my level and building first. I then later did a sky box, now I wanna add terrain to my level to make the level have a mountain look to the edges and near the base.

    the problem being is every time I create terrain and save it and reopen the file it tells me my terrain does not exist

    I also Tried to just test run the level and it would crash before loading and give me a error saying that the terrain file could not be found.

    I also restarted unreal and such and still the same issue.

    Is there something im not presetting before hand to cause this issue?

    Im also using custom textures not sure if that helps or not.

    If anyone needs any additional information just say anything.



    ok seriously I really just want a answer on this..I dont understand why my terrain wont save with my level, it keeps disappearing every time I save close and open it again! It tells me it cant find the files and itll be switch to null!

    Why is it doing that!!?!


      when ever it asks you what package to save something in, it needs to be the package 'MyLevel' if its not itll be gone when you reload the file


        are you serious?

        You have to keep the same file name at all times?

        ARG **** YOU UNREAL!

        But thank you, I will see if it works


          THANK YOU!

          Seriously thanks, It was such a minor thing but It kept not making my unreal level work and It had my going up the wall for 2 days!!

          Thank you for helping out, I really appreciate it!



            Originally posted by Seforin
            You have to keep the same file name at all times?
            Actually, no. You can save terrain info in any texture file you want, but you do have to remember to save it (this has to be done seperately from saving your map). But since terrain info is very level specific (generally your terrain layout isn't meant to be reused by others) you're better off putting your terrain maps in the myLevel package.
            myLevel isn't a real file. Anything you put in the package called "myLevel" will be saved as part of your map whenever you save it (provided it's actually used in your map; if you import a texture to the myLevel package and never use it, it won't be saved)


              You should by rights put all of your custom content into the "myLevel" package. This package is internal in the UT map file, so your distributable will be just the one file itself.
              Many people including myself will not install maps that have external utx, usx, etc. resource files. It makes a mess out of the UT2004 folders.
              Almost everything can be created/saved/moved into myLevel, including textures, sounds, static meshes, [most] scripts. Only the .ogg music file cannot.
              If you must use an external resource file, be sure to name it appropriately for your map, eg: DM-MyMap.ut2, DM-MyMapTex.utx, DM-MyMapSMesh.usx, etc. This will avoid a lot of confusion and file name problems.


                Thank you DG. Not only have you Fixed my Noobish bug, you have explained the reasoning behind it.


                  Uhh, necroposts much?