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    UT to Maya

    Anyone know how to take stuff out of UT and put it into maya? like guns and stuff?

    Which version of Maya?

    If it's a PLE version, it can't be done. Complete or Unlimited versions of Maya can or would have Plugins that can Import them. When you Export(see below for details) a Mesh from UEd it'll be Exported as an OBJ file. In Maya goto Import and select OBJ as the type and OK.

    Exporting a SMesh form UEd

    1) Start a New Map and make an empty Subtracted cube large enough to fit thhe SMesh in

    2) Put the SMesh into the Subtracted space

    3) goto File/Export and in the dropdown Save as Type list, select Wavefront Object (*.obj)

    4) select where to save and a name, hit ok

    5) Import into Maya


      Awsomeeeeeeee, thanks man