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    unrealed unit size

    ok im working om makeing my school in to a level i have the school maped out on paper with the sizes and every thing but i cant get it proportional with the editor so does ant one have an idea how many units in a feet?

    thanks alot
    ill let you guts see it when im done

    chezklepto, usually, figure 16uu=1 foot. For indoor maps, that feels small, especially if you have small rooms to begin with, like if you were modelling your house; then you might want to increase the scale to 18 or 20.


      thanks alot

      one more thing im shoure this has be asked alot but
      how do you make your own texters, like what program do you use for making and how do you inport them

      thanks alot *part 2*


        photoshop or paint shop pro...


          i found this nice little script which calculates from meters and feet to unreal units and back. it's a real help.

          Unreal Unit Converter


            thanx carlsonnl you make it so i dont have to think at all


              The converter is good, but don't rely on it.
              You'll eventually learn proportions on your own.

              A simple way to set things up:

              Make a door
              I would stick to using multiples of 16.
              Give it a width of say 128, and a height
              of 256.
              If the doorway is too tight....increase its size by 16 or 32. (The width could be changed to 160 by adding 32)
              Then base all other measuements on the door size.

              One thing you could do is find a nice floor tile texture that is 128x128 etc. Put it on every surface (assuming your walls are all built in multiples of 16).

              Here's an example: The doorways are 128x256....the space between the doorways is 384 (128x3) and so on.