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Anyone have ideas for a custom weapon? (Need coder for it...)

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    Anyone have ideas for a custom weapon? (Need coder for it...)

    So.... here's the deal.

    I really, really wanna model a friggin' weapon, but have ziltch when it comes to ideas. Plus, I fail at coding, meaning I'd need to have someone else actually code this.

    If anyone has any ideas for a cool weapon (preferably non-superweapon), LIST THEM HERE. If I find something I can work with, I'll model it.

    I would not mind doing more than one weapon. Hell, I'd love to do an entire weapon pack, but I'll take what I can get.

    I have my own updated version of the Inflator from turok: rage wars (love to make people explode X3) that's half-UV mapped that I could finish, if anyone would like to see it, but again I fail at coding, so I have no idea how to get it in game.

    AHH-****- Maybe you could do some sort of repeating cannon that could double as a light anti vehicle weapon of some sort. Maybe somthing like whats in fear but thats not that original.
    Thats all i can do for now because im bareley breaking the eggshell with programming and im slightly confused but i think someone i know can help, ill tak to him.:bulb: