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This can't be good

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    This can't be good

    I open the editory and find my map that I'm working on and low and behold when I open it it's not there and it's as if I am starting an entirely new map. Could there be any place that I may not have known or poosibly someplace I could look, I mean I have looked for it but I don't know.

    Possibly if it has been saved like this some how is there any olther place that I may have it for what ever reasons that I didn't
    save it personally but it may still be there none the less.

    I hope you can make sense out of this.



    Have you checked the UT2004\System\Editor.log file for any errors when opening the file?

    Do you see the main blue 3d view grid and/or 2d grids?
    Have you done a View -> ViewPorts -> Configure?

    Have you checked the Edit -> Search for Actors to see if there is anything actually in the map area?

    If your map somehow went bye-bye, you may be able to retrieve it from one of the previous auto-saves...

    Without knowing more, it is difficult to say what is going on.


      the editor saves automaticly also so check out the autosaves called autosave0 1 2 3 4,etc


        ive had that happen to me a few times, its best to always save to a new file, not over the same one.


          Did you hide all the actors? Click the eyeball with an "X" on it to display all actors again. You might also have to rebuild to make the geometry appear again.