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Player Scale vs Terrain Size

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    Player Scale vs Terrain Size

    I'm looking to make some really large-scale terrain for a mod idea.

    Trouble is, UT2003 simply doesn't render out far enough to allow long-range weapons etc.

    Has anyone tried reducing the player scale to 1/2 so that the map appears twice as large?

    Is this simple idea a valid technique, or are there engine pitfalls I don't know about?

    Some of the weapons I'm working on have a long range (up to a mile) so I need the terrain to be visible up to that distance. UT2003 won't draw that far at the present scale, but if we halved the character size (or less), it'd work fine.

    I understand collision would need to be re-done, new species created (which you would do for new player models anyway) and anti-portal techniques are no problem for terrain polygon culling.

    Experience and advice greatly appreciated.

    If it works, BF1942-scale and even Planetside-scale maps (5kmx5km) would be easily possible.

    From what i understand ut2k4 has huge areas in its maps, and longer weapon range.

    So, i would assume there is a way to do it, or will be soon.

    Dunno if ut2k4 will be needed though.


      Wait for 2K4. The engine has been heavily updated and tweaked to take into account huge maps for Onslaught so that would cut out a lot of work straight away. Also, collision cylinders on models are hardcoded so your hitzones would be the same even if your models were half the size.


        Well Onslaught maps will be huge, but not so huge huge.
        RRaven how big is your level in editor units?
        I guess over 100000x100000.


          Originally posted by DarkSaber
          Also, collision cylinders on models are hardcoded so your hitzones would be the same even if your models were half the size.
          Actually they're not, look at the Mini-Me combo code.


            I'm looking to build terrain in the order of 2,500m x 2,500m.

            If a player is 96 U high, and 6ft tall, then I'm looking at 131,072 U x 131,072 U for the terrain actor.

            Big. And obviously I get bad hall-of-mirrors at those sizes

            MechWarrior4 sports 4kmx4km maps, and Planetside even larger at 5kmx5km. BF1942 maps are quite large too... 2kmx2km.

            I'm fairly sure UT2004 will be "Deathmatch in Vehicles" - action-oriented...therefore I imagine the "huge" onslaught maps may be 1km x 1km or less.

            My test levels show that the terrain looks great and works fine at these sizes...and the terrain polygons are a decent size (about 5m square for each quad). Its comparable to Planetside, but would look a LOT better given some time on the layers/textures. However, the engine won't render the distance correctly, and HOM is the result.

            Any mod idea with vehicles and realism in mind is going to need a lot of room.

            I've got a great terrain heightmap courtesy of my earlier work in Mech4. My Sentinel Dawn map won MS' Map of the Month...but what I really wanted was to see it in UT2003 :P

            Player Scale: I was under the impression player scale was also used for collision box if you spawned at 1/10 normal size, your collision, jump-height, walking and running speeds etc would all be 1/10 as well.