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Maya 5 PLE texturing

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    Maya 5 PLE texturing

    Hi there
    I've just got hold of Maya PLE 5.0, but im having trouble adding unreal texture to my models. I've only done what one of my friends has told me to do as this textures his models fine. It does not seem to work with me though. Is there anyone who can tell me how to do this or point me in the right direction as to where ill be able to find this info?


    I have only MayaPLE 4.0 but I can tell you how I do:
    Export the Unreal Textures in Photoshop and saved them in JPG.

    In MayaPLE:
    Open your model and go Window - Hypergraph - Rendering - Show materials
    Right click your material and choose Attribute Editor
    Below Common Material Attribute you see COLOR - rightclick the box the the right of the slider
    A new window opens - choose File
    A new window opens - open your saved Unreal texture in Image Name
    Your model should now have an unreal texture

    To adjust the texture:
    Rightclick your model and choose Face
    Select the face you want to adjust
    Go Edit Polygons - Texture - Automatic Mapping
    The face will be black&white
    Rightclick the face again and choose Materials - Assign Existing Material and choose back your material.
    Select the face again and go Window - UV Texture Editor
    A new winow opens - Go Select - Convert Selection To UV's
    Select a tool to the left and drag or rotate the texture

    Does it work? or are there anything you don't understand?
    Maybe there are any easier way to add textures but this is what I know.


      Cheers mate
      thats great I understand what you put and will get back to you tommorow (Thursday) on if it works or not. sorry not before, working all day